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Okay, I admit it, I'm probably not your mom. But odds are I'm old enough to be. Now with Patreon account (under alarajrogers) and short stories on Amazon (under Alara Rogers).


Sometimes I get impatient with how long I write and how long it will take before I get to a part I want to write, and then I write it anyway. (Which is why I'm calling this Eating Dessert First; it doesn't have much to do with dessert, no more than my other fics anyway, but it's me writing the "good parts" first.) This is a compendium of snippets from future parts of my fics, or single-idea scenes where I don't know if I want to write the rest of the fic, or character practice scenes -- basically anything pony that's out of its larger context, assuming there's going to be a larger context.

Because this is a compendium, it's tagged Random because literally any other tag (with the exception of Second Person, which I will probably never write in) could be included. I'll mark individual chapters with what tags they ought to have and what characters are in them.

Note: Cover art probably has nothing to do with the actual fic. Unless I do decide to do a snippet about Celestia and cake.

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Awww. So adorable having them all as foals playing tea party.

I wonder if this is why Discord likes tea parties with Fluttershy, because it reminds him of good times.

Also I love that you're doing this. I always want to know what happens next in your fics! :twilightsheepish:

You know, I can really relate to the idea behind this story. Makes it really tempting to just do the same and write all the bits I've been itching to write but didn't because they only come up later first.

Also, I really shouldn't read this, you know, spoilers and all that.
Then again, this is "The Last Draconequus" we're talking about. You can't read half of Alara's MLP-related works without spoilers for that coming at you from all directions. Not to mention the blogs...
Eh, screw it. I'm reading this now. I need my daily dose of sweet-sugary adorableness.

EDIT:I read it, and I regret nothing! That. Was. Amazing. :yay:

An adorable glimpse of the future. Or past, depending on your perspective. There's a tragic air to it, given what we know will come, but the warm fuzzies predominate.

I get the feeling that I'm really going to enjoy this anthology.

Behold! It's the first chapter, and ponies are already eating cake!

Well, one draconequus, to be specific. It looks like he grabbed it all.

7117451 I haven't read that story, and might not end up reading this either because I'm not really interested, but this is a pretty great idea and I might end up borrowing it as well.

Yeah, I understand. I always want to get to the good stuff too, but I need to get all the exposition out of the way first.

Also, I know this probably wasn't intentional, but the way Discord speaks a language incomprehensible by Celestia reminds me of how H P Lovecraft originally thought the eldrich name Cthulhu would be pronounced.

The name of the hellish entity was invented by beings whose vocal organs were not like man's, hence it has no relation to the human speech equipment. The syllables were determined by a physiological equipment wholly unlike ours, hence could never be uttered perfectly by human throats ... The actual sound -- as nearly as any human organs could imitate it or human letters record it -- may be taken as something like Khlûl'-hloo, with the first syllable pronounced gutturally and very thickly. The u is about like that in full; and the first syllable is not unlike klul in sound, hence the h represents the guttural thickness.

(Or, yknow, it could be a regular foreign language, but I'm a sucker for ancient, incomprehensible beings. :twilightsheepish:)

I know this is a part of a larger story arc but it feels like such a compelling (if a bit melancholy) slice of life in its own right.

Now I'm wondering who invented handled teacups in this world. And why they are the standard thing that gets used even in Equestria? Are they a standard export of griffons or some other species with opposable claws? Are these rare artifacts that the royal family has in the palace, and that's why they have handles? Why?

Fantastic survival fiction, and I mean that in multiple senses of the first word. Whether or not you go any further with this, thank you for sharing what you already have.

Awesome. I wonder if they'll resort to making a message in palm trees to contact human society

Yes!! I have never been more happy to see an update from you! Not only has is been awhile since you've updated, but with one of my favorite stories no less!! One problem though, you're going to have to change your author notes a bit; I've ALWAYS wanted a sequel to Ice

Gosh dang is this good. It's too bad that you don't have a plan with this cause its such a good premise. I so rooting for the trio to make it. At the very least they have more hope then in the Arctic.

I was awaiting it, since I finished Ice 15 minutes ago and didn't see a second chapter. Perhaps you could link it to here.

I'm not sure why you thought a sequel to "Ice" wasn't wanted, but I personally kept hoping for that story to keep going! And I still am :)

This is truly a wonderful story and I sincerely hope you are planning to finish it sometime. I see so much potential in this story and with your quality it is definitely going to be epic. Thank you for sharing this with us :yay:

Fascinating. An entirely believable scenario, though I can only imagine what Fluttershy's old friends think of the change. Still, you've painted a wonderful picture with these words. Thank you for it. And should you ever revisit this particular permutation of Equestria, I certainly wouldn't complain.

Right a very intriguing concept. I wonder, what the other 6 or doing and have become in this world.

This was awesome. I could totally see this as something an immortal long lived fluttershy to say when filled with cold fury. Love this

I loved it! Ice was the first fic I read by you and I always wanted a sequel. This was really good

And this is part of why I love Fluttershy. Because for as adorable, helpless, and girl-next-doory that she can be, she has this side to her that you absolutely do not want to mess with. And part of that strength actually makes itself clear in the show with how she embodies her element towards everyone and everything. Even... no, especially towards the creatures that probably don't deserve it.

Despite what the theme song says, sharing kindness isn't always an easy feat. And when the living embodiment of it decides that it's no longer worth the effort?

Well, let's just say I feel super sorry for whoever she just gave up on.

Very nice, although as a Discord fan myself I can't really see him as playing by Elf Rules when it comes to magical vulnerabilities, so I'll just take it as an alternate universe. :raritywink:

Oh, he's not vulnerable to iron and steel the way elves or fairies are -- it doesn't, in and of itself, hurt him. But Equestria is on a low-iron world -- they use a lot of other metals, plus wood and crystal, in places where we'd use iron, because iron disrupts magic. The disrupting effect prevented him from immediately healing the damage done by the bullets. So it wasn't the iron that hurt him -- it was the bullets that hurt him, because their iron composition prevented him from just using his magic to heal.

I strongly suspect that as angry as Fluttershy was at the wanton slaughter of her creatures for fun... she might have been willing to negotiate, up until the point where they nearly killed her husband.

Oh my goodness... Please make this a series. A entire fic. I swear, if i had money, i would pay to see you actually make this an entire story. It's so good!!

I've been looking forward to this every day since you first posted the idea on your blog! Horray!

This was awesome, and you got everyone's personality's perfectly. VERY well done.

Ooh, reminiscent of Warhammer, though clearly only on a superficial level.

And yes, I'd love some tea. Earl Grey, maybe? Hot?

:rainbowlaugh: You couldn't resist, could you?

Only the harshest, cruelest, most disharmonious species can withstand the Warp. Naturally, this includes cats. Makes sense to me.

Cats with guns? :twilightoops: At least they can't point them at anyone in the ship.

Oh. Oh wow. That got dark in a hurry.

In all, a most fascinating AU. If you do do something more with this setting, I look forward to it.

i REALLY enjoy this chapter. Ive become fond of the idea of Fluttershy ascending to become an embodiment of nature and its something that could add a whole new layer of possibilities and depth to her which you showed. Its also something that seems very fitting for her character which again you showed.
I wish i could see more of this story, which goes to show your writing skills i suppose.
Think i might give a crack at drawing this myself one day.

Quite an interesting Warhammer 40K crossover. At first I was wondering why Discord would allow Queen Moon to overthrow Celestia, but that question was certainly answered!

But it brings up a follow up question: If Discord has been free for years and draconequi foals are being tortured as we speak, why hasn't he assassinated Queen Moon? If he's not powerful enough to do so in this story, I would think he would still want to stay on the planet to look for an opportunity, rather than abandon them to go into space.

It's not related to Warhammer at all, actually. I came up with the idea of the space that you travel in faster-than-light being something that drives people insane when I was like 10 or something... which predates Warhammer, I think by a lot. The notion that the faster-than-light space is chaotic is just a coincidental resemblance.

And the reason Discord hasn't assassinated Queen Moon is that there would be no point. He's already figured out that he's lost. He needed someone who the country would actually follow to be in power -- he can't do it himself, because they won't follow him, and as powerful as he is... in this universe, he's not a godlike spirit. He's very much a biological creature who needs to eat and sleep. In the past he had allies, other free draconequui who could enforce his control if he took over (and he always knew he'd make a terrible ruler, but he was the most powerful draconequus they had.) Now there's no one left to save. He couldn't even restart the species without committing bestiality. (That being said... he's tried. That's a plot point for later down the road -- he has a ten year old daughter, somewhere. On another planet, living in the form of a pony.)

(As for why Discord is willing to go to space rather than continue to try to fight for his cause: he's made a guess as to what Twilight's actual purpose is, and knows that throwing in with her is actually his best hope. He's not telling Fluttershy this because he doesn't want Twilight to know that he knows. Twilight's mission, as you might guess, isn't actually to be a trade vessel.)

7506401 Ahhhh, that makes sense, especially his grilling Twilight on her views on the issue.


Ten thumbs up. I hope your muse visits this universe again sometime, because this is very interesting.

I have returned to this website after what feels like Millennia, and the first story I read is this collection. And I must say... fantastique. I want to make continuations to these, but I want to make continuations to EVERYTHING that I think is good. In any case, excellent work - your portrayal of Discord is eerily realistic as always, and everyone feels in character despite being in different universes. Well done as always.

You know; the worst part of this series is the fact that nobody knows if you're going to make it a fic or a one shot...I don't know about you, but I think that a 50 year old gay man would make a great dad for a humanized god of chaos.

Voyage of the Harmony and Dick Cordry are two on my slightly shorter list of Things I Really Plan To Write The Whole Thing Someday, whereas Ocean is a maybe and Red in Tooth and Claw is a probably not going to expand.

Fascinating stuff here, especially depending on how much Discord knew about this world prior to analyzing it through TV. If that's all the information he has available...

In any case, I look forward to whatever else you add to this, whenever it may come. This one looks all kinds of fun.

Well that's a heroic sacrifice if there ever was one. Poor discord stuck in a world and place never able to return to loved ones ever again .

This needs revisions. I totally missed that in one paragraph, Viram no longer has an octopus for a head, and then a few paragraphs later the octopus is back.

Listen, 'join us in villainous friendship' might work on sappy little ponies around here, but I can see it for what it is – a total scam to sucker me out of crushing you like bugs.

Ah, irony.

Ooh, mineral life. Always an interesting topic.

This Discord died from a matter-antimatter reaction? :twilightoops: Well, yeah, I suppose that would do it.

He's going to throw the moon at them, isn't he?

Nope! Didn't think big or chaotic enough.

That was an amazing fight all around. And the ending is fantastically random, and that's coming from someone who recalls Discord mentioning it in one of your other stories. I'm glad you followed your muse to getting something done, because this is glorious.

It's great to finally see this several times mentioned battle of Discord's in which he hits some unbidden extradimensionals with his home star.

If I had to classify those amorphous invaders within a category of things eldritch, I'd definitely classify them as rabble. High-level monster-tier rabble, like the Mi-Go or the Star Spawn, but still rabble.

Then again, things like Cthulhu and Discord are also rabble. God-tier rabble, but still rabble.
At least they're not in the fodder category, like most of us mortals.

One thing I can say for certain: They still bear the hallmarks of arrogance, ignorance and self-aggrandizing that are typical for lesser beings who don't know their place in the grand scheme of existence. Not to mention that for things that think themselves beyond the comprehension of creatures like ponies, they seem to have a pretty similar emotional make-up.
What a bunch of losers.

That's really amazing! I'm surprised it doesn't count as an entire story.

I love your battle scenes. Since I'm sort of a nerd and geek, I appreciate the huge amount of sci fi very much. And you've also helped me understand some stuff, I'm grateful. Again, that was so epic.

So, anyone apart from the three of them will ever know about this great, incredible battle?

Great story. Makes you wonder how Equestria survived a millennium while the chaos avatar was in stone.

Alicorns can also sense the breaches in spacetime, just not from as far away, and the Elements can seal them. When Discord was in stone, Celestia and Luna went around cleaning up all the holes he left in the universe (most of which he created; some, like this one, were created from the other side, but Discord's actions churn up the thaumosphere enough to make the universe itself kind of porous near their world), using the Elements. When all of the seals placed by the Elements started breaking, Celestia recognized she was probably going to need to let Discord out to deal with the holes, because the Mane 6 aren't alicorns and wouldn't be able to detect the breaches, and she and Luna can't wield the Elements. (Twilight became an alicorn after Discord was released, and Celestia believes she'll need training and experience before she'll be able to identify breaches in the fabric of the universe. So if Discord screws up and has to be put back in stone, there is a backup plan, but then the backup plan goes pear shaped because the Tree needs the Elements back. That's part of why Celestia forgave Discord for the thing with Tirek... she needs Discord, so she feels she doesn't have much choice.)

Read all these in one go. A lot of interesting ideas here, especially from the AUs, but I have to say, the real treat was getting to see more Last Draconequus. For the central story of your universe, it really doesn't get enough attention, so I was glad to have the chance to return to young Discord after all this time, and to see that battle. The sequel to Ice was also great.

Nice stuff here, Alara.:twilightsmile:

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