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Decades after the founding of Equestria, the nation faces an existential threat -- a war with the dragons.

The dragons have proposed a truce. Luna and Discord are uncertain, but Celestia insists that they must give the dragons the benefit of the doubt, and accept the truce.

This turns out to be a mistake.

Cover art is "The Chaos" by Zhoid.

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Ooh boy. Poor discord. This is a good story and I can see his descent into madness


Am I to presume Celestia & Luna ascended off-screen & will be back, or is this a larger AU than that?

They ascended off-screen but this story is over; its scope is specifically Discord's ascension. Celestia and Luna are on the other side of the planet. They will return as alicorns to discover Discord running things. His abandonment issues and, um, sanity challenges will ensure that... he will not take it well.

An absolutely enrapturing take on how Discord came to be the way he is—I was spellbound the whole way through! And never has the Tragedy tag felt more fitting. I could really sympathize with Discord the way you portrayed him here. Utterly heartbreaking.

The only thing I can really fault is that the story probably would've benefited from being longer, to give all of this lovely exposition and world-building some room to breathe. But if my only complaint is that I want more, I'd say you've done a fantastic job.

Thanks for writing this! :twilightsmile:

Fair enough

bonus kudos

Neat. Discord enjoyed the Dragon's gift so much that he achieved the Avatar State.

With one action the dragon mage managed to create three gods. That’s actually kind of incredible.

Alondro #8 · Nov 9th, 2019 · · 14 ·

And at first he went super-crazy and started gobbling ponies left and right! But then I punched him in the face really hard and he stopped posting to Tumblr.


War. Discord. What’s the difference.

Pretty cool. As part of the larger Last Draconequus story and universe, it felt a little fast-paced for such a momentous event, but I recognise that such is necessary given the contest's word count limit, and I am impressed that you managed to turn it into something that works as a totally self-contained story, given how much context it requires.

And so, it began his time of protecting Equestria with a new title with every sentence and getting the biggest playground anyone could ever want.

Whatever he wanted to play with.

Why is that I somehow can think if there is a sequel that Celestia and Luna are chosen as the spirits of the Sun and the Moon, or maybe convinced by Harmony that Discord is dangerous and got crazy and they need to stop him only because Harmony and Disharmony don't like each other

this was pretty incredible.
but whatever did happen to celestial and luna?

Welcome back! Glad to see this story finally get elaborated upon! :3

Man, this deserves the tragedy tag. Discord sacrificed everything, his life and sanity, all for the sake of his family. He saves them, but he loses his ability to connect with them in the process. But yeah, this is great. I adore the fight scene; seeing Discord stretch his new powers for the first time is super cool, especially when he's using them for some much deserved revenge.

Also, i laughed harder than I should've when the past spirits spoke to Discord. All of them had some serious greetings, but one ass is just like "Hey shithead". It was beautiful.

This is part of my Last Draconequus continuity but should be understandable to anyone with knowledge of the show, whether they've read my previous works or not.


I didn't know there was an AU, I just dropped in and watched shit go down. Epically, I might add!

You've sold me, I'm going to chew on more of this AU next chance I get.

Huh I heard about these events from Not The Hero, neat to see them written proper in depth about!

This is good! What happened to Celestia and Lulu?

I loved this story so much it was great full of charecter and will personaly be added to my headcannons though i have one question

Ar, the dragon who’d been raised in a place where male dragons ruled over female ones, who’d sought to change the world to raise female creatures above males everywhere

Who is this and what mythos does he come from


They ascended but ended up on the other side of the planet?? Twilight got to re-materialize in Ponyville!

(I get the impression Fate and Destiny are being dicks, as usual.)

True, that is a bit unfair. Maybe whatever entities that made the sisters Gods wanted to get them away from danger, and then just decided not to send them back? Or maybe alicorns regularly spawn in some rando spot when they're born, and Celestia just manipulated magic to send Twilight to her friends instead. Third option: maybe Twi got teleported to her friends because she's the princess of friendship and Cele and Luna got teleported to the earthly locations closest to their respective celestial bodies. I wonder if they were teleported to the same spot, or if they're both on different places on earth?

Or maybe I'm overthinking it and the universe just wanted Discord to have a bad time.

She comes from the science fiction novel "In Conquest Born", where an incredibly sexist warrior race literally believe that putting women in charge of anything will unleash Ar, the Goddess of Chaos. Their term for a woman in a leadership position is "shem'Ar", servant of Chaos.

There are not many female chaos gods in Earth mythologies, so I took one that someone made up. :-)

The truth is, they haven't ascended, yet. They teleported... badly.

By the time they return they will have ascended, but by then we'll have had the Sirens created and banished, Stygian getting the Pillars together to fight DIscord, Discord destroying every existing Tree of Harmony on the planet, Stygian getting possessed, the Pillars making a new Tree and then banishing themselves with the Pony of Shadows, and now you know why Celestia and Luna didn't know dick about any of that.

In other words, it's gonna take them a while to get home. :-(

It's not exactly an AU (yet, anyway... I may yet decide Season 9 doesn't quite happen the way it did in canon, and there are minor bits and bobs I re-interpret or ignore.) It's my "How Did Equestria Get This Way" headcanon backstory, and it mostly sticks to canon. Though I am pretty sure that Spike at Your Service didn't happen, or didn't happen the way it does in the show.

Fair enough, sorry for just calling it an AU off the cuff!

Still interested, got TLD's main story up now and was planning to read it soon. Was going to hold off after seeing 2015 hiatus, but I just noticed the new chapters!

or that reality was a shadow play that mysterious watchers from above

Ahem. Yes. Ridiculous. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Whatever the gift was, it was something he thought beautiful. And then the sun rose, and filled the world with beautiful white light.

I didn't realize dragons had nukes.

“It was a white light. Pure, like the sun. Maybe even purer, considering that the sun is yellow.”

... You know, part of me wants to go full "ak-chew-lee," but given that this is a cartoon universe we're dealing with, their sun actually is yellow. Sometimes, at least.

Oh. Oh. I only wish it were a nuclear device instead.

As Syntel opened her mouth to snap at him, he threw a very small device in her mouth, a device that was magically tearing apart atoms of very, very heavy elements.

... I really need to be more careful about what I wish for.

I've seen this alluded to, but witnessing it in all its horrific glory... Yeah, that may be the most epic backfire in all of fiction. Excellent work. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

(And yes, this is eligible. I ruled that as long as something doesn't require previous knowledge of a continuity, it can work... though I fear that may contradict an earlier ruling. Well, that's my fault, not Alara's.)

Interesting. This really fills a key spot in your continuum, and I really enjoyed it, especially the previous avatars of chaos.

I'm honestly impressed with Rystar, he managed to summon and contain anti-matter!

This reminder of Discord's childhood makes me realize, before he was transformed as a child, was he basically a kiren? It's definitely an interesting coincidence that in season 8 the show added in a kirin community that had been secretly hidden away for so long that they passed into myth in Equestria. I wonder if Autumn Blaze is Discord's distant niece?

Discord enlarged himself so that his head was three times Golden Blood’s size, hovering directly over him, showing off his fang and his very sharp teeth. “Prince Golden Blood, I’m sure I must have misheard. It sounded to me like you were calling me a liar!” He lowered his head closer to the Prince, who had just urinated all over the floor. “Please tell me I was mistaken.”

Discord is a hypocrite. He sets himself up in opposition to all concepts of hierarchy and authority, but refuses to acknowledge that by spreading chaos in the way he does, he is in fact trampling upon the freedom of other people, and exercising power over them. So despite his proclamations about "unruling" Equestria, he still is a ruler, no matter whether it seems in a superficial way that his domain has no rules.

"Anarchy, that I run!"

Yes. Discord should never have been placed in a position of "ruling" anything, because it's antithetical to chaos to rule, and by being in a position of leadership he's suffering severe cognitive dissonance... resulting in absolutely ridiculous and hypocritical contradictions.


Amazing fic, it paints discord in a whole new light. It transforms him from a foolish and annoying god to a lonely and sad god who lost his sanity to safe his love ones.

And this is why you don’t mess with Discord.

Author Interviewer

I figured it had to be something along those lines.

I wrote a critique/review of this story. It can be found right over here.

I also found some minor typos/style edits, which did not warrant mentioning in said review;

Draconequui had had special talents, too,

“Yes, and they respect you for your power[...]

This paragraph has Celestia's dialogue and Discord's thoughts running together. It also does not make it clear who is speaking until halfway through. Very hard to follow.

the burden we carried /the burden

You will be a god, but a lonely one, with a heavy burden to carry
You will be dead and know peace

Missing periods. Not clear if intentionally stylistic or a typo.

I was rereading this story and this song came up on the Playlist. It matches extremely well https://youtu.be/tGQ_xx1mIoU

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