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"If it explores new possibilities or evokes the slightest excitement, it has no merit." —literary scholars, probably


One ordinary mare. One never-ending time loop. Infinite ways to die.

How long before she snaps?

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Wait, a Time Loop staring PINKIE PIE?! Oh man, I am SO tracking this! (Though I hope you don't mind if I critique grammar and stuff like that. X3)

Very nice start.

Neat idea, I'm looking forward to reading more :pinkiesmile:

I was going to make an awesome comment but I literally just lost my train of thought... Don't you hate that?

This does explain so much …

I'm a sucker for time loop stories in general, but it's the little details that make or break them, and the details here are a joy to read. You have my attention. :twilightsmile:

I have a theory as to how this is going to end.
With almost all time loop stories I've ever seen, the reason you're in the time loop is because there's something you need to do and you only escape the loop once you do that thing.
My theory is that Pinkie Pie will loop several times before the events of the pilot episode happen. In that loop, she finally does the thing she was meant to do; journey with Twilight into the forest, discover her Element of Harmony and defeat Nightmare Moon. Then time will be set back to normal, but Pinkie will never quite be the same again as the description suggests.
Am I close?:pinkiehappy:

A loop starting on Episode one? WOW... Now THAT is creative! Looking forward to the rest of the story for sure! Will be interesting to see if it isn't because of the loops that Pinkie Pie is... 'different'.

So far, what I'm noticing is that Pinkie isn't acting much like Pinkie. There's little nuances of who she will be, but she doesn't have her Pinkie Sense and seems actually rather antisocial herself. Could this be like The Killing Joke, only Pinkie uses her insanity for the forces of good?

so every second dragged the slow corpse of hours through the dark

What a wonderful turn of phrase.

wonderfully done, it's like Pinkie is the doctor and Twilight the companion

Pinkie Sense is something that lets Pinkie know about things before they happen. I think what this is positing is that there isn't some crazy series of twitches she has to interpret and it's just she knows what's going to happen because she's already experienced it.

What's with the person who downvotes every darn commenter?

Timeloops with Pinkie Pie. I need more. ^^

I'm assuming it will end when they do it like they did in cannon?

...is your explanation for Pinkie Sense that during these loops she gets so attuned to danger that she can sense it coming?

5398961 Or maybe she knows what will happen in advance because it has already happened to her time and time again, but figures that saying it already happened might make her seem crazy?

Infinite ways to die.

Duuumb ways to die! So many dumb ways to die!

Quick question: which idiot went around disliking the original comments? I had the same thing happen to my story, and it really gets on my nerves. I mean, COME ON, they're saying they like the story! Why you gotta be so rude?!

Comment posted by Altered Giratina deleted Dec 19th, 2014

5398892 ... You rounded up. Filthy casual.

(lol j/k about the filthy casual part. Not trying to be actually insulting, just jokingly insulting.)

5397050 Did you actually read the Description? It says "One ordinary mare." Meaning, pre-Season 1 Pinkie Pie. Similar to the filly Pinkie Pie as we see in the Cutie Mark Chronicles.

I am getting so many conspiracy theories right now!

“Oh my! You’ve certainly been productive, haven’t you?”

Well, that didn't work.

5398889 Probably.

I'm really loving this story so far. Pinkie Pie becoming Pinkie is a really interesting concept for you to work with and her slowing unraveling things from the wrong end (we need 6 Wielders of Harmony, I don't have time to make friends!) will be a funny exercise in frustration. Eventually, after enough failures and maybe even joining NMM once or twice, she might even make the connection about Celestia sending Twilight to Ponyville to make friends.

She is getting to know EVERY pony.

I can never figure out how to politely correct someone's spelling, so I'm just going to correct it.
It's spelled canon, not cannon. Cannon is what pirates use to shoot eachother, canon is an adjective that means officially-part-of-the-fiction.
Hope I succeeded in not being a jerk about it when I corrected you. I'm not very good at that.

This continues to be awesome. Heh, Clobber, I get it. I think.

She can only ask questions and when she gets annoyed, she clobbers you?

This is really awesome! I love the concept! It makes Pinkie make sense. Sure, cheese sandwich wouldn't work, but you can see how everything else can. Just... good job, and I'll be in for more real soon.

I just thought of something. How did Pinkie Pie earn her cutie mark? She seems like more introverted and behind-the-scenes in the beginning of this story.

That was hilarious and grim at the same time. Way to play with my feels man.

I love how you turned Scootaloo's family into a noodle incident.

Wow that ending well I guess pinky used to be a normal pony too

Have you read "The Many Deaths of Rainbow Dash"? That story is buckin hilarious and has to do with Rainbow Dash becoming particularly death prone.

Shit, this has been a very entertaining and funny read, but I can definitely see that it will earn it's dark tag.

It's not about time loops but you should still seek it out, it's one of the funniest stories I've had the fortune to read.

I imagine she resets to 3:14 and 15 seconds? hmm? hmmm hmm? suggestive noises?

5431319 Huh... I've always thought it was the other way around... Thanks, helpful strangers of the internet!

5394488 Which is ironic, since you misspelled starring.

This story needs more love... and chapters. Many, many, more chapters. :pinkiecrazy:


3.1415 are the first five digits of Pi. 3:14? Pi. 3:14:15? An even more precise Pi.

Also, Pi is an irrational number and Pinkie Pie is an irrational pony.

5452311 To escape the loop, Pinkie must use the powers of Pi and Popo to make all the squares into a circle.

I'll helpfully provide the gallon of LSD. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, not everything. But it explains SO MUCH.

I'm guessing that this will end with the canon episode exactly if it hasn't been guessed before.
And if I am right, I applaud you for the horror in the realization that all of Pinkie's canonical insanity is a result of a time loop that she NEVER gets out of. She knows everyone because she spent a loop with everyone. More so, each time her 'pinkie' sense goes off, she is just staging a tell to hide the fact that she saw this before and likely died from it. The stashes around town for random emergencies? Planted because she knew she would need them and died for their lack.
We are watching the decent into madness. This is the birth of Pinkie Pie.
Or I could be off the mark entirely.

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