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I'm just a ambiguous individual who had just started to take a look to this site.

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That won't be necessary but thank for the reassurance. Besides, it was my own personal problem since I didn't understood yet how the hell happened.
During the last years, outsider being lazyng around, i took the time to ponder about a versatile blurry fact.

Just because an analyst or group looked wise and well intentioned in his videos, doesn't mean that is a saint so much that I should take instantly everything they said as a gospel.

I won't even bother with them since it shouldn't be my business but... saying... just ask Confucio about some details.

Aww, sorry to hear that.

I'm always here if you need anything. :heart:

Sorry for the delay of the answer but I was recovering from a "momentary mental breakdown" that lasted three years until 2021 and I hope to never get into that condition ever again.

And to answer that.

Thank you for the jovial feedback.

i certainly will enjoy your story, im looking forward to the next chapter, so keep it up my friend

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