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  • 1 week
    Was so excited in my last blog post I forgot to link my new fic lol

    There we are. NOW go forth and read lol

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  • 1 week
    My new fic is finally done!!

    After 6 months of work and procrastination, it's finally done! Go on and read forth, my pones!

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  • 2 weeks
    I have a Twitter now too

    One last update, I got a Twitter now. So go and follow me on that, I'll most likely be updating my progress on fics and retweeting stuff from my friends and a whole lot of other random stuff.
    So yeah, I'd appreciate it! I'm hoping this will help me expand my horizons on fic stuff :eeyup:
    Check out Evergreen (@evergreeniebean): https://twitter.com/evergreeniebean?s=09

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  • 2 weeks
    Merry Spooky Halloween Nightmare Night!

    Happy Halloween everypony! Hope you all stay safe, have fun, eat lots of candy, watch scary movies, ect. :pinkiecrazy: :yay: :heart:

    Quick update, I know my next fic is taking way longer than it should be. But trust me, it's almost done! And once it's done, I should hopefully not take as long to post future pics lol.
    Alright, Happy Halloween everyone! Take care!

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  • 3 weeks
    Just realized

    I fawn about Fluttershy all the time off Fimfic. She's my fav and has always been my fav, I have a genuine crush on her, and my profile bio is 'Fluttershy Fanboy Supreme'...
    Yet I haven't done a single fic over her 🤔

    I should remedy that soon with future fics

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Was so excited in my last blog post I forgot to link my new fic lol · 9:22pm November 4th

There we are. NOW go forth and read lol

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Thanks for the favorite!!

Thanks! Glad you like the work I've done, and thanks for reading multiple of my stories!

Of course, dude! I'm only realizing how many fics I've read from you and how great I think they are! :eeyup:

Thanks for the follow and welcome to the Legion!

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