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"If it explores new possibilities or evokes the slightest excitement, it has no merit." —literary scholars, probably


About me? I'm a uni grad who just so happens to like ponies. I've been in the fandom since 2011; I've been writing fanfiction since 2008. I haven't really improved much since then, but apparently persistence counts for something, so there you go.


The Writing Train Crashes · 3:00am Sep 21st, 2018

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Master God bless


I suck at outlining...

Me, too.

I'm not sure, honestly. In the last couple years I haven't had a lot of enthusiasm for writing, as much as I'd like to. It's on indefinite hiatus along with my other multi-part fics, because I don't have the heart to cancel it and I keep hoping that I'll find the spark that helps me move the plot along. (I suck at outlining, so while I've had a solid conclusion to the story in mind, I have no clue what path I'd take to get there.)

Are you going to update 3:14 PM? I really liked it so far.

  • Viewing 170 - 174 of 174
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