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Neon Party

My name is Neon Party. I come from the My Little Pony Universe, and I live in a town called Stalia.

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In case you still want to know...I'm the guy behind this account. This was my second account that I decided to just make and to have fun with and shit. The name comes from one of my stories, My Little Pony: universal Magic...a...great story in my opinion and my best work...in my opinion...that isn't so great in a lot of other people's eyes...but aside from that...I decided to have some fun and try to act like the character. And I decided to be like a lot of other accounts were doing on here and just simply follow people to no end because...hey....others were doing it...so why not do the same? Well...within about two days of making the account I got banned...and from what I remember it was for "blatant upvoting", which i call bullshit because like I said, other accounts were doing it. But my guess is that I was doing it all wrong and I would have to slowly follow people. That and I speculate that what brought the ban was that I followed a guy that I still hate to this day and is sadly part of the moderators...so that puts me on edge a little bit... El dorado...something like that. We have a little history. I mean I'm sure if you ask him about me, he won't remember, but I fucking remember him all right...and I believe what got me banned from this account was that I followed him. And my guess is that he noticed it, reported it...and I was banned. Although they banned my IP address so i had to go on FanFiction.net and PM Knighty in order to get my IP address back since I still had my other account...or at least I think Knighty saw it...not sure though. And then I got my main account back while this one was still banned, although I got a little slap on the wrist because i also did something bad on my other account by making too many groups...but all that happend was that I was given a warning...and then everything was ok...

Until I got banned about a month later or so..this time only being a temporarily ban and lasted for two weeks. Why? Well...some guy reviewed one of my stories from the now dead group (I forgot the name of it...but it's the famous one where there was a bunch of reviewers and stuff...I'm actually banned from that group as well...) and I disagreed with his review...which by the way, the rating that the critic gave me was a .5 our of 10... And just for the record, I was going to take my story off the list of stories that got requested to be reviewed, but it was too late...and somehow he got me banned for two weeks. And according to the reason why... apparently I threaten him...again...i call bullshit...but to be fair I don't really recall what I wrote to that guy, but I don't think I would ever threaten him or anything...although regardless if what I said was a threat or not, i just ended up sending him an apology and he was nice about it...and after the two weeks were up...well I didn't come back to the site as I felt like I wasn't ready to come back and gave myself a personal 9 month ban..and then when I came back...I did some cleaning up...and slowly over time I got better...although my interactions with other users on here hasn't been the same as I barely talk to others unlike how I used to back in 2013...

Looking back..especially with this account...I was kind of dumb...but yet...i don't regret it...but whatever...there you go...

Anyone remember why this guy was banned? Yes, finding out why long ago users were banned is a hobby of mine.

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I really don't understand what you were thinking...:trixieshiftright:

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