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A young Teenager,With passions of Psych and Music! Rarity is best pony<3

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Real Name: Savannah
Age: 19
Gender: Female

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Hey i heard you sing? Do you have any recorded examples of what you sound like? Always looking for great singers for collabs. :raritywink:

:trollestia: Flutters and discord? :3
Don't say...
But I do agree, Discord X Fluttershy FOREVER!

1186605 If i was insulting Flutters i'd ship her and discord...i'm sorry but he'd walk all over romantically and plus they can't change my mind in any form

1186595 Well,it's just next gen stories in any form. Well yeah,But I kinda need fan favorites to keep some people happy,I really hate when people fight.

1094424 Yes,To me she's the most developed character in the show not unlike one fan-favorite *cough*Fluttershy*cough*

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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Just some Next gen ideas · 8:38pm May 29th, 2014

MLP Next Gen
Rarity x Soarin’
Reformed! Sombra X Trixie
Rainbow Dash x Thunderlane
Flutter shy x Caramel
Applejack x Noteworthy
Pinkie x Cheese Sandwich
Twilight x Flash Century
Sunset Shimmer X ???
Sweetie Belle X Spike
Scootaloo x Rumble
Apple Bloom x Featherweight
Snips x Twist
Diamond Tiara x Snails
Discord X Celestia
Shining Armor x Cadence
Luna x Royal Captain
Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights
Octavia x Royal Riff

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