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So she's back · 11:09pm Mar 23rd, 2013

Not only is Lightening Dust back. But Gilda too, just great. Also I'm trying to perfect a new trick I've been working on.
I just noticed that I got (19) followers in 1w and 6days. It's no surprise really. I'm that awsome. Also new DBZ movie coming out in a week on Toonami. OMYGOSH OMYGOSH OMYGOSH OMYGOSH OMYGOSH OMYGOSH !!!!!!! It's almost more awsome then me.

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Dash! Daring Do's here!!!

DASHIE!!! GOOD NEWS!!! *Laughs giddily* :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: WE WILL BE GETTING AN ENGLISH DUB OF BATTLE OF THE GODS!!!:rainbowkiss:

428836 yeah I know. It's like if you went and attacked the wonder bolt academy because they wouldn't make you a wonderbolt anyway, I don't know the true reason that's just what I have heard.

428794 Well that's a stupid reason.

428787 2 girls were shot. But nopony was killed thank god. As for why, the rumor is it was because he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him.

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