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This shipping...... · 1:11am Sep 5th, 2013

As creepy and strange as it is, it's cute and it works.


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Well, have you unblocked me? I think we should talk in PMs; it will be easier that way.

1770826 Indeed it has been a while. and Yes, I'm doing fairly fine, and I can forgive you...I suppose another RP eventually would be possibly nice, Though I've no clue what we could really do...


Hello, Reddened Chaos. It has been a while.

First of all, I must apologize for my sheer lack of maturity when we first met. I was young and foolish, but that does not excuse the amount of idiocy and disrespect I displayed whenever I spoke with you. I do hope you can forgive me for it. As time has gone by, I've decided that I need to speak to you to end any sort of grudge we may have, no matter the person who holds it.

Secondly, how have you been?

I like your user image~


Well... Me and your brother do not mix well. Don't ask me, ask Red.

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