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Well, I did something crazy, I told off Grove, and he's insulting me. I also told Nightmare Moon about what happened with Rose, and asked her not to punish her, for she does not deserve a punishment.

NightMare Moon did not make us
as for Honey Blossom that's a story for another day.

345463 You, as a shadowbolt, I can understand that, considering that the shadowbolts, as you said, are more or less, an extention of Nighty, and thus, she could easily create you and the others again and again, when you would ...perish...but, how could Honey Blossom still be here?

345457 * smiles and chuckles * Honey Blossom and me will still be here.

345454 Hm. depending on whether they are immortal or not. immortal beings like myself, Nighty, and the Princesses, will be here with him forever, to support him, and guide him, but any others he becomes friends with, say, you for example, would probably be long gone....

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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