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A terrible writer hailing from the land where we all apparently have sexual desires for sheep. PS. I don't. I hate sheep.


I dont want this · 3:28pm Sep 16th, 2013

Every single project I have going on at the moment is on a long temporary hiatus. School work is cathing me up a large amount, and the only time I had allocated for Writing/Brainstorming has been taken up by essays and revision and other assorted doohickeys. Maybe once break comes around I will have time, but until then, Im sorry.

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657220 Good to know. Just to make sure you get the right one, it Lucky's Seven.

I will read the shit out of that when I have the chance :pinkiecrazy:

657030 Fair enough. As you may have noticed, I've increased my story count as well.

Did you read the sequel as well?

I actually read it a long time ago when it was first posted, but I didn't have a FIMFiction account :P:facehoof:

Holy flying donkey fuck balls, people are still reading that shit??

Anyway, thanks for the fave on How The Hell Is This Possible.:yay::yay:

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