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Nightshade and Spitfire have been best friends since they were fillies but when they both choose opposite paths in their lives, will their friendship survive? Or will they become bitter rivals? This is a story of two bolts.

Cover image done by: Me, Stepany1234.

Check out the PMV vid inspired by this fimfic! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydKRg_Ehryk

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Ouch that has to hurt, well better luck next time as they say.

Aaaaaand pop goes the hopes and dreams.


I HAVE READ: not bad, a bit fanon shattering, but otherwise a really well written story i will be tracking

I love this type of story. it's even better that you did what not many would do by taking the villains perspective :pinkiehappy:

Really? Lots of mind control going on, still. Very interesting
Keep it up buddy
-Shadow F.

So sad:raritycry:
Excellent story, the ending was very well done.
Keep at it.:twilightsmile:

Amazing ending, made me cry
Well done
-Shadow Flare

In this chapter when I first read the line “No! I’m not going to fight you!", I was half expecting Nightshade to say something similar to "You are unwise to lower your DEFENSES" -Darth Vader, Eps. VI. I've found myself throughout this story wondering if certain parts are possible references to the themes in star wars. Whether that was intentional or not, it does at least show how entrenched in star wars I have become ever since my uncle first showed me Eps. IV when I was 6 years old.

A few grammar errors here and there but this story still kept me glued to the end. Nice job over all.

So far this is a damn good story from how much I have read. I Have been looking for some Shadowbolts stories to read and they have been pretty hard to find (good ones anyway). Keep up the great writing!
Here is something that I think fits perfectly with Nightshade...

I do believe that you are missing a "Tragedy" tag. Sad is quite the understatement in my opinion. Manly tears were shed on this very day. Very well written story. Very few grammatical errors and quite the exquisite plot. I enjoyed every second of reading this story. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. Keep up the great writing!

Final verdict a 10/10 very good story

I just watched the music video for this. It was very beautiful and, just like with this, I shed some tears. I read this story about 8 months ago, and yet it is still so vivid in my mind. There are parts of this story that I'll never be able to forget. It will always be one of my favorites. This deserves so many more views than it has gotten. I think I'm just going to come back to this story every few months just to gush over it.

With eternal admiration,

Ok I probably did this in reverse, but i saw the video first, and i liked it, I didn't understand it, but now i know how it's suposse to go :pinkiesmile:

did Soarin nudge Spitfire's score up so she would get in? :applejackunsure:

“Good. Now you know already know what to do

Think there might be one too many 'knows' in this line...

I have a question. How does this story have such an amazing like to dislike ratio? I mean sure its epic and crushes my dreams as a writer, but still.

Nightshade and spitfire were best friends like I was to my brother who past away 1. Week ago in the army and I will smile all day. I love to see others smile. When theirs a person who's unhappy give them a smile to brighten their day.
Thank u this means to me a lot.
Spitfire sad 12
Best friends and wishes everyone. Thx

I read multiple times and to be truth really it makes me almost cry no lie it hurts my heart to see a friend to die indeed. I hope this message gets to all of u.
Thx for listening
Spitfire sad 12:pinkiesad2:

I'm back... again, just as promised. There are a few stories out there, such as this one, that just have the un-explainable ability to draw me back to them after such a long time. I watched the PMV you made once more as well; I thought it was a good idea since I was already getting teary eyed just thinking about this story.

There is something about this story that makes me just hate the fact that it's just sitting here, collecting dust. I don't know what you've ever thought about doing with this story, but I implore you, please think of adding more to it. An alternate ending chapter, a sequel of sorts (one-shot or not), just... anything. This story is something that I'd love to re-read a dozen times. Dust off that keyboard and thinking-cap and make something wonderful once more.


I think this music should go with Spitfire and NIghtshade.

Forget the other one this one sounds better

Did u imagine this story or u think it should be one I mean it's great:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::rainbowdetermined2:


oh cheezus crust. this is intense lol.

I enjoyed reading this story! Very touching. :fluttershyouch:

*sniff* Hold up a minute. There's something in my eye.:fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:

I wonder y they went separate ways later on...they look like really good friends


how do you make such a good story?!

oh, so that's how she got them duplicates

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