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I love MLP.


Rainbow Dash has finally given up on the wonder bolts but once the shadow bolts rise and want her to join will she finally give in. Mystery appears in it. If you don't know who Mystery is I suggest reading my fic mystery but you don't have to.

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Hrm.. Heavy is mildly interested. liked/tracked, Keep the updates coming, Also, First.

Heavy Claims First. Now we play the waiting game... :pinkiecrazy:

A Wandering Wizard claims Second.

Love how the story is developing.

and an inanimate object claims non-author third.

Hrrrm. Not your best chapter. But Okay. :derpyderp2:

rd's going for the loner-badass vibe over here. let's see what happens.

too bad i'm not in this story like i am in my story

420019 maybe you'll come in later on. I was actually thinking about it but I didn't know you when i was writing this story, or at least I had forgotten you. :applecry: :pinkiehappy:

that okay but would you add me later in the story please:scootangel:

oh BTW this story is really good keep up the good work

420063 I do have some idea though

you a very welcome

420102 just helping but it's you're welcome. Just helping.

that's ok because i'm a little tired so my spelling is going to suck

Slipstream approves this
Slipstream also requests improvement
do not disapoint Slipstream

Great plot, but you need to get a prereader. I see a ton of mistakes

"That's sad to here, Dashie. I'm Star Fire and I guess you need to be re introduced to the others as well", said Wind Fire.

Star Fire or Wind Fire?

Please continue. Anytime Dash turns dark I want to finish it.

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