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hi, i've been reading stories for a while on this site and have decided to jump on the author wagon as well , i write stories mainly on adventure but if requested i would also look into other fanfics

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Important message · 7:48pm Oct 1st, 2013

okay im really stuck and i need your opinion on this - What would you guys say if i made a Spitfire X soarin X Rainbow Dash romance Fic ?

-just a short summary-

in this world a long time ago pegasi had these things called bonds which helped them find their soul mates in life, they wore a neckless to symbolize this and the neckless would turn the colour of there life mates coat to tell the pony who it was yada yada

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Aw, I miss My Mother Is A Wonderbolt. The whole trilogy (wait it was a duology) is just gone from the site forever because whoever picked up the stories afterwards deleted their account later or something.

1446367 No, I found it. :P

1280047 It... it... WHERE? :flutterrage:

Somewhere, blueball is working from :pinkiecrazy: to :flutterrage: ...

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