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Ciderfest · 6:43pm November 3rd

Last minute warning, sorry. I'm at Ciderfest! If you see this and wanna meet me, I'll be playing "Are You A Changeling?" in the Tabletop Game Room! Just look for Yellow Glasses. :3
(Just so you know what is helping contribute to not another chapter yet.)


Not that he's the only one to blame!

Once upon a time, I was a mediocre, small-time writer on DeviantART. But now? Now I'm a mediocre, small-time writer on FIMFICTION! (And that's, like, a billion times better.)

I also pre-read on occasion. Ish. Go check out Wintergreen Diaries. Seriously, go do it. He's awesome. He's like my best friend on Skype. So... Yeah.

*Insert something witty here*

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Not quite. It was more the "Why is she tagged if she's supposed to be dead? aspect, but I don't dislike her.

Ah! A fellow Flutter-fan! :yay: I'll be sure to remember that!

In part that it was featured, as well as that the tag included Fluttershy. It being a (relatively speaking) short one-shot helped. I don't tend to do well with sad stories, so being short helps me power through it.

Thanks for following my story Memorial! :twilightsmile: Can I ask what inspired this?

Thank you for adding my story, 'A Nightmare in Eidolon'! I hope you enjoy it. Oh! And don't forget to leave a like! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 134 - 138 of 138
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