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New Job · 12:46pm March 21st

Hey... tl;dr, I've got a new job, and it's been draining the life from me. I've woken up at 3 or 4 am multiple times in the past couple weeks, and had a leg cramp two mornings ago, so it's really slowing down progress on writing, but I AM still working on it. I'd just rather start posting chapters once I'm actually done, or ALMOST done, so that there aren't false starts and whatnot. Thank you all for your patience. I really appreciate it.


Not that he's the only one to blame!

Once upon a time, I was a mediocre, small-time writer on DeviantART. But now? Now I'm a mediocre, small-time writer on FIMFICTION! (And that's, like, a billion times better.)

I also pre-read on occasion. Ish. Go check out Wintergreen Diaries. Seriously, go do it. He's awesome. He's like my best friend on Skype. So... Yeah.

*Insert something witty here*

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Well that's just cool

Praise the artist that picture is amazing.

She's my Chimera, actually. She has at least 10 different animal parts to her of varying mythos.

Hey Magical Trevor, is your cover picture a Hippo-draco-griff or just a hippogriff?

2483435 Ummmm... Okay, so it seems my cookie has been stolen/liberated from me... Any chance I could get another? <__<


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