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HVAC Classes · 6:19am March 5th

So this is going to be a bit of rambling, so for the tagged story, look at the bottom for the tl;dr.

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Work · 1:52am Nov 27th, 2019

Work until you can't work anymore!

That's what my new job is like, anyway... I'm getting the hang of it now, I think, but I apologize for the massive delays. It wasn't supposed to be this bad.

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Ciderfest · 6:43pm Nov 3rd, 2019

Last minute warning, sorry. I'm at Ciderfest! If you see this and wanna meet me, I'll be playing "Are You A Changeling?" in the Tabletop Game Room! Just look for Yellow Glasses. :3
(Just so you know what is helping contribute to not another chapter yet.)

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Chaos · 3:14am Oct 24th, 2019

Hey all. Sorry the radio silence lately. I can't go into detail, because quite honestly I don't know where I would begin. Shortest version I can manage:
I have a job now, starting in a few weeks. It's not a good one, but it's something while I keep looking. Time to get back to writing, I hope.

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Still at work · 4:40am Oct 18th, 2019

Still job hunting, but at least for the short-term, I want to give a daily blog to let you know of my writing progress, so I can be held accountable, you know? I didn't write much today, I'll admit. 473 words. On one hand, that's not a lot, but on the other, that's... still something, and I'm trying to be optimistic. I need to get back into the groove, so as long as I'm writing something every day, at least for now that's something I'll consider a victory.

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Thought I'd Let You Know · 5:35am Oct 17th, 2019

I've been listening to that song on repeat for quite awhile, what with the end of the show...

But if nothing else, at least... It's helped me see some things, I think. And long story short, I'm getting back into writing. It might be a bit bumpy, as I'm rusty, but... Well, it doesn't feel right to see the show end, and I still haven't finished. And considering there's so much more to the story that needs to be said, or rather that I want to say...

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New Job · 12:46pm Mar 21st, 2018

Hey... tl;dr, I've got a new job, and it's been draining the life from me. I've woken up at 3 or 4 am multiple times in the past couple weeks, and had a leg cramp two mornings ago, so it's really slowing down progress on writing, but I AM still working on it. I'd just rather start posting chapters once I'm actually done, or ALMOST done, so that there aren't false starts and whatnot. Thank you all for your patience. I really appreciate it.

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Spring Cleaning · 2:04am Sep 20th, 2017

-Blows hard into the keyboard-

Hello? Hello? Testing, is anyone there?

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Getting back to work · 4:30am Jun 14th, 2017

Alright, so long story short, I've been stuck for awhile. The time-skip idea just made things more awkward, looking back, but I'm doing my best to get writing again to see if I can't get things moving again. For anyone who cares, feel free to poke me every day or so to help motivate* me, lol.

*Read: keep me from getting distracted by the internet

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Adepticon! · 2:20pm Mar 23rd, 2017

I am up in Chicago today for Adepticon, so if you visit the XWING Armada area, just look for a green holdie and a dark blue collared shirt! :3
Edit: I will NOT have a name badge, so just ask if I'm Magical Trevor.

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