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Maple Blush was just a simple pony trying to do what her cutie mark said she did best: help bring ponies together. She might not be the strongest psychic in Equestria, and she could barely afford to be in the yellow pages, but still! It all had to count for something, right? Seeing into ponies hearts to bring them together, that… That was her talent, no matter what else happened. So what happens when she’s hired to help a “love-sucking bug” tell her roommate she not only has a crush, but is another species?

Originally posted on DeviantART for TheNornontheGo's "Our Character" contest. Maple Blush belongs to her, not me.

Similarly, Vanilla Chai does not belong to me either. She was generously offered to borrow by Wintergreen Diaries (previously known as Cerulean1313.) All credit goes to him for allowing me the use of his character.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the great and powerful Hasbro, not myself. No copyright infringement is intended by this fanfiction. All rights reserved to Hasbro.

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Your life was going... as well as could be expected. At least, you think it was... When you wake up near a forest with most of your memories forgotten, how do you recover? As you attempt to find your place as a Gryphon in this new world of ponies, you struggle to discern the difference between reality and dreams. Are your ‘dreams’ speaking the truth, and you’re really a human, in a coma in another world, or are they simply recurring nightmares, trying to scare you? Your new friends tell you to ignore your dreams, but… what if your dreams are right, and you already have friends and family who are worried, and want you back? Who are you supposed to believe? The voices of ghosts in your mind, or the voices of those in front of you?

This is my first second person story, so let me know what to do to improve! I haven’t seen a second-person fic yet with a Gryphon for a main character, so… Yeah! Figured I’d give it a shot. I wanted to try something interesting with world exploration, and thought a second-person view would be cool for that. Here’s hoping I don’t disappoint! (But if I do, tell me how so I can improve! Thanks!)

Cover art is temp, until I can get a 'real' one done, but this is done by Sayluh on DeviantArt. She has very reasonable prices, so go check her out!

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction, not intended to gain any profits. I do not own any rights, properties, etc, of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All proper ownership, rights, etc belong to Hasbro. Please support MLP: FiM and Hasbro.

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Foalsit for three fillies and one baby dragon. That sounded a simple enough task for Discord to handle, right? If only Equestria could be so lucky... One innocent request from the crusaders, however, is enough to topple the balance of magic in Equestria, forcing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to fix their mistake, adventuring across Equestria and beyond to vanquish the rising threat of evil and destruction to their world...

Disclaimers: I don't own MLP: FiM in any way, shape, or form. Hasbro has all rights, etc. Please support them, as I claim nothing.

Final Fantasy in general is owned by... Square Enix, right? Meh. Point is, I don't own it, Chocobos, anything. I don't claim anything, so please support the official releases. (The games.)

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Many millennia ago, Pokemon used to roam the world of Equestria freely. Then, one day, they simply vanished... One day, a crazed stallion decided to mess with something that should have been left alone. With Pokemon suddenly appearing in Equestria once more, how will Equestria cope with change, especially when the Pokemon appear to be more than what the myths said?

(Formerly known as "Faraway World of Our Dreams".)

This idea came to mind when I saw all of the Human-turned Pokemon in Equestria fics, and I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make a unique spin on it!” So that’s how this came to be. Hopefully, aside from a random twist here and there, you’ll enjoy a (relatively) realistic take on HiE as Pokemon. Will update sporadically, whenever I get ideas and have time to write.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pokemon, nor do I own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are owned by Nintendo and Hasbro respectively. I claim no credit, ownership, etc, and ask that you support the official shows.

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(This fic is in the process of being re-evaluated and re-written. Original story was poorly started, MC was too gary-stuish, and, even worse, was OOC for himself, as I was still 'making him' as I wrote the story. For those of you who liked the original (for whatever reason) all the characters will still be there, same general story... ish. It's just going to be highly polished up to better match what I can do, and how I can better present OCs so they don't come off as... well, bad.)

It's not easy, being an orphan, wandering from town to town, from country country, but that is the life of Moonstone. Or rather, was...

Searching for a place he can finally call home, he decides to see the newly-returned Princess Luna, in the hopes that she can help him fit in in a world that, for whatever reason, seems to constantly shun him...

Disclaimer: While it has the Mane Six as characters, they may not appear immediately. This is a low-priority fic in my list, so this is worked on when I'm stuck on the others, or otherwise don't feel like working on my 'main' story.

For new readers, please note that this is post SEASON TWO. Discord, Trixie, etc, have not been redeemed, Sombra never existed (yet) and Twilight is a Unicorn. (May or may not change in the re-write.)

MLP: FiM belongs to Hasbro. This is just a fanfiction written for fun, not for profit. Please support the show MLP: FiM. Thank you.

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