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Foalsit for three fillies and one baby dragon. That sounded a simple enough task for Discord to handle, right? If only Equestria could be so lucky... One innocent request from the crusaders, however, is enough to topple the balance of magic in Equestria, forcing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to fix their mistake, adventuring across Equestria and beyond to vanquish the rising threat of evil and destruction to their world...

Disclaimers: I don't own MLP: FiM in any way, shape, or form. Hasbro has all rights, etc. Please support them, as I claim nothing.

Final Fantasy in general is owned by... Square Enix, right? Meh. Point is, I don't own it, Chocobos, anything. I don't claim anything, so please support the official releases. (The games.)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 50 )

o.0 Looks good, will watch to see what happens next. :derpyderp2:

gussied up like a pig to a luau



Pigs are associated with luaus, yes, and they certainly are "gussied up", but... :pinkiecrazy:

I did appreciate how you used "chopped yams". I can't tell you how many ponyfics I've seen where they left the idiom in its unadulterated form. Fine enough if you make a point of them being selectively carnivorous (I've noticed pegasi and fish seems to have become a thing), but in your average fic it is quite disconcerting.

This was awesome! I can't to see where this goes from here, you did a fantastic job of capturing all of their personalities and in general the characters are just perfect.

And don't think I didn't notice what you were referring to here,
"I must write letters of solidarity in protest of this cruel, mare overlordship!" :eeyup:

2289807 actually... That was more a reference to a speech I gave as a sophomore. Politically correct bedtime stories, actually. The three little pigs. It just happened to be close in time to Aegis' story. XD

2289339 XD That was the only thing I could think of...

And as for the Chopped yams, I was grasping at straws for a good alternative, because liver would be just... UGH! I mean, horses CAN eat meat, but they can't really digest FAT, which is why you see pegasi loving fish, because seafood is, in general, low in fat. (Personally, I love pegasi loving seafood due to being avians myself.)

2290357 XD Thanks! That was one of my favourite FF's to play, if only because the mane character actually HAD a Chocobo! I wished that he had been more important to the story, and used in other ways, but still.

2290544 Yup! Also my favorite chocobo theme. :pinkiehappy:

I had an idea like this when the CMC make a mistake and travel the world to fix it.
yours sound alot more light-hearted than my idea but i think the story is good so far

out of curiosity is the crossover a particular FF game or just having Final Fantasy monsters and characters like cactuars, Bahamut, Bombs and most importantly Chocobos?

2297464 I guess I could have been more clear, but that's why I said Final Fantasy in general. I'll be using ideas from each Final Fantasy, though the most influence will probably be from numbers I, V, and XIII/XIII-2, as I'm taking ideas from all three of them mostly, but yeah, town names, monsters, etc, will be taken from ALL games, so... who knows? :raritywink:

Please add a new chapter soon, Chocobos need more love. :fluttershysad:

2469857 XD Working on it! I just don't have much time to write at all, really, so none of my stories really updates often. I promise that this one is next, though, and already has 1.6k words towards it or so.

Ah, so life's interfering with writing. I can understand that mate. Here's to hoping that your schedule will permit you to get out more quality story chapters in the near future.

Poor Dashie. Getting in trouble for something she didn't meant to do. Also, I wanna see a video made of Dash being chased by a pissed off chocobo chick.

Why AppleBloom??!!:raritydespair: Why name your Chocobo after anyone from FF13??!!:raritycry: What did it ever do to you??:applecry:

2480372 You have a problem with FFXIII? Okay, time to slap me some bitches!
Okay, so I can't find any around here, so I'll just have to settle with poking you instead of slapping a bitch. Same difference, right? *Poke*

Okay, let's get a few things straight. First, the chocobos come from the FFXIII-2 world. So really, you should have seen at least A FFXIII reference coming. Second, while there were storyline issues with FFXIII, lack of exploration and mini-games, etc, the gameplay of XIII was, IMO, amazing. I love it. (The gameplay, not the story.) Now, yes, most of the characters are totally messed up in some way, shape, or form, but Lightning/Claire was one of the few who seemed like a REAL character to me. I understood where she was coming from, what she was trying to do, and how that impacted her character.
Lightning was one of my favourite characters because of it. I mean, okay, I understood what Snow and Hope were trying to do, but they weren't as real to me, because Snow was too... you know, and Hope is just a whiny, undecisive... yeah.
Now, considering I needed a female name for a commando chocobo, there weren't a lot of options, and, honestly, I love the name Lightning.

What I'M concerned about, honestly, is how you're NOT worried/freaking out/complaining about what SPIKE named HIS! I mean, SERIOUSLY, you have a problem with LIGHTNING but NOT... HIM? That's just messed up.

(And yes, I named him you-know-what because it's going to be an ongoing joke/side-quest. You'll figure it out as time goes on. :raritywink: )

I was just joking on the games bad reputation. I honestly never played 13, but my brother has and he hates it, heck everyone I see online hates it, so I'm staying away from it. And yeah Tidus is one of the worst main characters in the series and I stopped playing the game because of him and his so called story. I mean Vaan may be bland but he wasn't shoved in our face. Lockes a nice one though.

Lightning... poor Chocobo, named after a dumb character.


Meh.... I thought XIII-2 was better. Still a okay game, but the sequel fixed most of the problems with it.

On the other hand it also added some problems.... like Mog and.... Mog and.... nope that's pretty much it.

Dont forget than damned ending.

Dammit Discord! Can't you do anything right?

Locke, Tidus, and Lightning. Hmm...what's Sweetie Belle going to call hers?
I guess Soarin thinks her dress looks good. Even better on his bedroom floor.....
And no, I think it should be Applebloom as well.

Wait, why was this cancelled? It's such a nice story... explain why it was cancelled please. Don't make me find a way to send out the soul crushing puppy eyes of doooooom.

(Mr Camlio, can we come out now?)

In a minute sweetie, I'm still making demands. Okay now.


2556038 Honestly, because of several things, such as how hard it is trying to juggle three stories, but on top of that... Virtually EVERY comment I got on the latest chapter was a complaint.

The readers showed that they're not mature enough to handle the story, so I see no reason to continue it. I have/had a plan, but they weren't willing to let me even BEGIN to explain, so I cancelled it.I already have the whole story in my head. I was just trying to share it, but the readers proved that they didn't really care.

I MIGHT change my mind in a few months, or a year, but I'm too ticked off right now to consider it. That, and it's hard enough updating Pokemon and Nightmares with a semblance of regularity...

I honestly can understand that, and hope that when those stories are completed that you take another crack at this one, if the amount of likes to dislikes wasn't a clue it's a damn good story and people are just bitching to bitch.

I wasn't complaining I was joking.

Very entertaining story so far. I hope you continue this at some point in the future.:twilightsmile:
I found Twilight's reaction to what Spike named his chocobo very amusing.:moustache::facehoof:

2686224 X3 I likely will. I just... Well, I'm sure you read my ranting/raeging in the comments. I just was/am disappointed at how few people actually read this, since I thought it would be more appealing than my Pokemon crossover, and then hardly ANYONE touched it, and then those that did mostly complained about Lightning's name. :facehoof:

That just... Between the two things, I was just so disappointed that I didn't want to write anymore. Now, though... Yeah, I'm willing to give it at least another chapter and see how people react.

(If you don't mind my asking, how did you find my stories? Random browsing, a friend, a group?)

Was kinda random. I have seen you comment on several blogs or stories I was following and the new avatar got my attention. So I decided to check out your user page to see what stories you had.
Probably going to end up reading all your stories now.:twilightsmile:
That picture is adorable, by the way.:scootangel:

2686432 XD It should be! Cost me thirty bucks! Made it my avatar when I realised that people MIGHT look at my profile because of that, and then maybe my stories, so I'm glad I did! XD Thanks! (Though just a warning: Nightmares is kinda... Problematic. As much as I just wrote anything for Pokemon, it's even more true in Nightmares. I just wrote whatever without planning, so... Yeah. X3 )

Kinda hard to vote on that with so little information. You should go with what ever option works better for the story I guess.
But if I have to pick one, I guess I will go with stay with the group.
Spike and Dash's little doughnut tossing game was very entertaining.:moustache::rainbowlaugh:

I noticed rthey named the chocobos after FF playable Characters:derpytongue2:

Yay for Sweetie Belle's song!!!!! And what's the game called, Horn-nuts?:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I think we should see Biggs and Wedge from FF8.

Heck, I work closely with Trev and even I do not know who it is gonna be. In fact, I didn't know until the end of this chapter that he was planning on adding a couple of Extras. Though Biggs and Wedge from any FF would be awesome. Mainly because they are like the most pointless characters ever usually and normally end up dead.

2732106 That's why I suggested the FF8 version, they are the first ones to survive the game.

2731871 Well... Yes, I realize that, but I can give a hint, I suppose. They would be characters that have been seen before, and are natural travelers. S'all I'm saying. :moustache: (I say they, but they don't really know each other, and they don't travel with each other. They're both loners.)

2732081 Yeah, that's just something I thought/hoped would be better than naming them all OC names or something. As it goes on, you'll see their personalities start to emerge, and other stuff like that. (Assuming you decide to continue reading, that is. :twilightsmile: )

2732086 Not sure they ever really named it... It's just something that Spike did on accident when he and Twi first had donuts together, and it just kind of became a 'family tradition' of sorts that he would try to get donuts on their horns. I'm thinking I should make that a side-chapter just for comedy lulz, 'cause it's a good 1k+ words at least to explain fully.

2732106 Omi, don't flatter yourself. :facehoof:

2732086 Nope, not them, sorry. XD Or rather, they're not the ones I'm talking about. Besides, they're almost always beaten, so why would I want them working WITH the Crusaders? :unsuresweetie:

Because they never give up. Well, okay they do retire eventually. But as I've said before, X was the last one I played, and that was years ago!

Oh, I just thought of something. I do believe Cid needs to make a appearance at some point, even if it is just a cameo.:scootangel:


I'm glad you finally got the next chapter up. I look forward to more. :yay:

Hmmm.... stay, the crusaders could use some friends.

I vote stay, and I also want to vote for Noel Kriss ponyfied as one of the guest characters, he's cool responsible and also a time traveler. Not to mention gets a certified Chocobo handling permit. (Him or Sazh because I want there to be at least one older male figure to basically be the elder male role model for the girls.)

Sweetie Belle=Relm (FF6) (Doesn't like Yuna)
Spike= Tidus (FFX)

Do you like Final Fantasy 6?

So many references, I can't catch them all! :pinkiecrazy:

Not sure what to say about this so far, other than I just really enjoy the cuteness of it. My favorite part had to be when Sweetie Belle was trying to figure out what to name her Chocobo, and the little back and fourth the two had while she was still debating.

Hope to see more of this soon! :twilightsmile:

Tidus seems to be dangerous. The others, just messy.

I'll take Tidus.

Well, to be fair, he is named after the FF character that basically said "Fuck the entire system the world has run on for 1000 years". Of Course the little Chocobo would be Dangerous.

Oh my Celestia! Whenever I read something in this that would cause a reaction from me to occur, the next line would be one of the characters doing a variation on said reaction! This is great... (Makes me wanna go play my first Final Fantasy game. Is FF7 a good start:trollestia:. I know enough about the game to understand... everything but I should probably play one for myself to see how good they actually are. Time to actually play that 3-disc set that has been collecting dust on my shelf. I'm sorry Final Fantasy Fans! Don't hurt meh plz!:fluttershyouch:)

Why did I wait so long to read this? This is the most hilariously adorable story I've ever read. Now I can't wait to get to the chocabo part in Final Fanta-sea!


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