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boop · 6:11am Jul 20th, 2018

Hi there! It’s been a hot sec! I’m pretty thoroughly no longer into pony, but I thought it would be fun to poke my head in and see if people are still reading my old story. You are! Warms the cockles on my heart, thank you so much for all the kind messages and comments, even if it did take me about 4 years to actually go read them.

Also, like, sorry for starting another story and then never finishing it. It’s never going to get finished still, but uh, sorry about that anyway!

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Sorry to disturb your life, But if you ever come across this site again, would you consider chatting with those who consider you our friends up here if not for writing anything? I liked your story well enough to know that you're a great person. Antipodes was a great story with an immensely appealing premise, and I'm sure most of us here would agree on that if the comments indicate anything~
If you don't want to, that's fine. Just know that here in our community, we see you as an excellent friend regardless of where you are.

I still reminisce about Antipodes. Lodestone and Antidoes were so beautiful :twilightsmile:

I wrote a dumb parody of Antipodes:

Join Jigsaw, Tiptoe, and Incendia as they set out to rid their broken world of podiatrists and restore harmony to Equestria! A parody of Antipodes by PK
Super Trampoline · 1k words  ·  8  8 · 284 views

I'm so sorry.

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