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So, about this here Fimfition thing · 9:35am May 9th, 2015

Hey, all! As you've no doubt noticed, because of reasons, I've kind of abandoned Fimfiction. You can still reach my pretty much any time at my twitter, @PK_EQD. I still love you, though. <3

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  • TLodestone
    An ancient wound in a healing world is re-opened. A strange artifact emerges, with a strange power- Spectrum cannot die. Can he uncover his true purpose before his time runs out? Sequel to Antipodes.
    PK · 23k words  ·  224  7 · 2.6k views
  • TAntipodes
    An epic post-apocolyptic adventure fic surrounding Celestia and Luna's dissapearence.
    PK · 122k words  ·  1,074  40 · 16k views
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You rock, woohoo! Write more!

1409132 Cool, thank you :-)

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