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    An ancient wound in a healing world is re-opened. A strange artifact emerges, with a strange power- Spectrum cannot die. Can he uncover his true purpose before his time runs out? Sequel to Antipodes.
    PK · 23k words  ·  225  7 · 3.2k views

Set in the far future after Celestia and Luna mysteriously vanished and the sun and moon froze in the sky, Antipodes is the story of two ponies thrust out into the harsh new world on an adventure to uncover what happened to the world so long ago.

(I wrote this when I was 17. it's pretty rough in places, but i think the basic ideas i had here were pretty cool. it's got a good skeleton)

Spanish translation here: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Antipodas-1-3-953524835

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Love this story. Nice to see that it's supporting this site too.

Overall, a very nice story that I'll be tracking. There were some parts, though, that seemed a little off, like the scene where Spike aka Tantalus kills innocent ponies. I don't think he would do that unless he's radically changed.



Give it time...

One of the better fanfics I've read to date.
The story is long and full of adventure, just the way I like it. I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 17!

P.S. The beginning of the fanfic reminds me of "City of Ember".

I love this series. I started reading this on EqD, and now I'm excited that it is also posted here! Keep up the good work PK.

Also: Still love TiptoeXJigsaw! So cute

Not sure if it's just a glitch on my end, but the formatting for chapter 16 is a little broken, with a line break after the first word of most of the paragraphs.

Eagerly waiting for more! =] This is a very interesting world!

Tantalus is Spike, isn't he?

I wasn't too surprised; Spike had been using dark magic for centuries to make himself powerful enough to stand up to Rubidium.

Alright! now the real adventure begins! :rainbowkiss:
I'll be honest, when Tantalus debriefed them on their mission, he seemed quick to endow them with such responsibility... I mean, These are two ponies he's never seen before, even the first ones he's seen in ages, he knows nothing of what they can do, and he also knows it's nothing compared to the dark magic pony, and all they want is to go home... And then lickety-split, he sends them off. Honestly that sounds a bit... wrong, story-telling wise. Then again, Tantalus could easily just be doing this to be rid of them, or have them do the dirty work for him.. oh well. Time to keep reading! :pinkiehappy:



there are reasons for this! stay tuned!

Well, damn, that nearly brought me to tears, great work. Can't wait to see how this plays out!

PK...you scared me there for a bit, and now I feel stupid for ever doing so. You can tell the effort you put into there, especially when it came to the swctions where we se each characters flaws. That was pure gold!


1288 That's so great to hear! I teared up a little writing Incendia's part, not gonna lie.

1289 :o I scared you? Well, sorry about that! I'm glad you liked the chapter, though.

Hoover Dam, that's like... like... :pinkiecrazy: awesome!

Pretty much what Medivh said.

Despite a few pacing issues, this is shaping up rather nicely.
I like it - I don't usually read OC stories. Yet these character templates work well as ponies and the story keeps an odd feeling of familiarity.
To sum up my feelings - not bad. Not bad at all.


The fact that this is slowly climbing the featured stories list despite no activity from me both delights and confuses me. :twilightsmile:

new chapter maybe tomorrow or thursday? this week almost for sure.

:raritystarry: >mfw I finished this chapter. Definitely one of my favorites!

>sees Antipodes being updated

I love this story... but you left in a message to your pre-readers by mistake. Also, you're awesome and I love your characters. I wish mine were as good as yours...


derp, fixed the proofreader note


Woot great update! Now give more :ajsmug:

Awesome chapter. Is. awesome. Thank you. You made my day..again.. :D

This isn't as much of a comment as much as a review. Don't worry, though, because I wouldn't be wasting my time writing a review for a worthless story. There's two things I want to make clear before I begin, though.

#1 - This story is a complete 5/5. All of the problems that I mention in this review are minor that do not really detract from the story in any significant way. So when I suggest anything, although you should note it, it's not something that you have to change.

#2 - I give thorough reviews. I have good ideas. And I'm not being arrogant when I say that, because I'm a writer as well, and I have received my fair share of praise and feedback. However, writing is a work of art, and like all works of art, it can be made better. So read my entire review, please.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm going to answer some questions that I think every good reviewer should answer.

My favorite hero: This is a very hard decision. All of your heroes are extremely well developed, and their motives clear. Each of them has their merits and flaws, which makes for an interesting story, hence why I read the entire thing (20 chapters so far) in one day. Of all of them, I think that Jigsaw is the best, because he has both aspects of his personality in check. Where Tiptoe only has the personality merits and flaws, and Incendia has a jarring event in her past that defines her personality, Jigsaw is the only one that has both. I am okay with Tiptoe not having a jarring event like the others, but I think that Incendia's personality needs to be slightly more defined.

My favorite villain: Well, Rubidium, because he seemed like the most diabolical at the time he was alive. I would have liked you to keep him around as a reviewer and story critic, but as a reader, I'm glad to have him out of the characters' hair. I really can't say too much more than this because your story's theme in general was the heroes versus the environment, so you won't have too many villains. And that really isn't a problem.

Who needs work: Like I said earlier, all of your characters are well developed and interesting. Tantalus stands out, though, because we know so little about him, even after this chapter. My only suggestion here is that when you do develop him, make sure you do it in the right time and place. I also have a minor point about Incendia. Personally, and as a reader, I preferred your story when there was no swearing at all. My father says that swears make anypony that uses them sound dumber than they actually are. Whether this is true or not, the swear rate has been increasing in your newer chapters, and as a reader I'd appreciate it if you toned it down a bit.

Plot ideas: This is a long one, so brace yourself. I do think about stories after I've read them, and how to make the plot more interesting. Feel free to use this idea however you please, or not at all, but I've found in my writing career that ideas from the public can help smooth writer's block away.

The heroes were just in Canterlot, where the goddesses resided. We know that Celestia and Luna were both split into three fragments each. What happened to Twilight Sparkle? Perhaps, during the attack, Celestia cast a form of spell on her to keep her spirit asleep for as long as need be until someone found the shard? If not Twilight, have it be an apprentice to Luna. When they found the shard, his/her spirit was awoken and was send to aid in their quest. The spirit can generate powerful magic, but doing so shortens his/her lifespan which is only about 4-5 months already, for his/her body has already long since rotted away, they are only represented in spiritual form for a limited time. The magic they are capable of includes creating lodging and food, but other than that you can go wherever you want so long as the spirit is more powerful than anyone else in the group. This idea is yours to warp (it's your story, after all), but I'd appreciate it if you gave me a shout-out at the beginning of a chapter should you use any of these ideas.

A reader's perspective: You can disregard everything in this section, it's just what I'm thinking of as a reader and what I'd like to happen. You do not have to pay attention to this at all when writing unless my thoughts are leading somewhere you didn't intend.

As a reader, I'm getting awfully tired of Jigsaw & co. not getting a break. I think that they need to find a place to stay and get up to strength before they continue on.

As a reader, I'm curious to the fact that Jigsaw has had two serious relationships with his apprentices. Just how old is he in relation to the others? How old do you have to be to be an apprentice?

As a reader, I'm wondering how much longer it would take to get the other four fragments. Some of the community might not have that long an attention span.

As a reader, I love the scenes between Jigsaw and Tiptoe. Not the love scenes as much as the cute scenes, the ones that warm your heart and make you love the characters even more. We need more of those.

As a reader, Incendia is not as important a character to me as Tiptoe and Jigsaw.

As a reader, I'm wondering if there is any way to reverse the damage done by the Grand Cataclysm, and I'm also wondering who is responsible. If there is a way to turn back time and prevent this from happening, what will happen to Jigsaw and Tiptoe?

Final thoughts: I hope this review was helpful, and again, all problems in this story are minor. I would like to give a shout-out to whoever drew the thumbnail picture for the story, that's what really caught my eye and convinced me to enter this world. It also helps me visualize Jigsaw and Tiptoe much better, which adds a lot more to the story's experience. I would actually like visual representations of all of the characters; it would only make the story that much better.

This story could be edited into a movie. I'm actually doing that with one of my fanfics. I am immensely impressed with the level of talent in this story, but before you get involved in any other projects, please finish this one.


With regards,


Is the sea serpent based off a Gyarados? I'm pretty sure it used hyperbeam. :derpyderp2:

Today is my six-month Antipodes writing anniversary.




forgot to sign in, that is me :v




You don't have to tell me twice to read reviews. I'm always looking to improve :)

I debated about including the swear for a long time, but ultimately it decided that it added to the scene too much to take out.

I don't generally take large plot ideas like that. I have the general story already laid out. The only thing I take is usually locations.

Jigsaw is three years older than Tiptoe. His relationship with Antimony started when he was still in school.

I'm not sure how much longer it will take, but I'm not really concerned. If people have stuck with me for six months, they probably aren't about to quit. :)


Green fire + magic + Rarity drawing = SPIKE!!!!! wicked! :moustache:

*reads on* :twilightsmile:

Damn. Spike wrecked that place good. :moustache:

Wow. Such a good fan fic :twilightsmile:

Cant wait for the next update. I just want so see a little more development on Tantalus' character :moustache:

Also, what exactly does the title mean? Lol :derpyderp2:


It means "polar opposites"

For example: :flutterrage: versus :pinkiehappy:

so epic, time to "mindsplosion":rainbowderp::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::rainbowkiss:

As always, a very good chapter, PK. I'm looking forward to more, and thanks for finally having them find food. :3

The Incendia/Tiptoe moment was... awkward, perhaps, and I wasn't quite sure where you were headed with that, but that's my only issue and like all others it's a minor one. Update soon.


2127 It was intended to be awkward. That was kind of the point.

Wow. Really well written chapter :twilightsmile: keep it up, and update soon.

Nice chapter, I enjoy reading this interesting and developed tale. :pinkiehappy:

:twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: Awesome story!




how the F*****K did you do that banner!?!?!!?

Such a good story! I Just read all 21 chapters. I eagerly await more awesomeness.

i expect this to turn into a polygyny , simply because i havent seen it happen in any fanfic yet and it can make many awkward and good moments .


I require more to satisfiy my hunger.... and i destroyed you moon thats why its in chunks


Do part 22! I check back here every other day.

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