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Welcome to the group for all stories written in a dystopian or post-apocalyptic setting.

Have you ever wanted adventure? Well this group has it!
Ever felt like something a bit darker? Maybe something a bit sad... Well, we have that too!

This group is solely dedicated to sharing stories about ponies trying to survive the apocalypse. Perhaps a certain princess went loony again, maybe a war broke out or maybe it was some time forgotten prophecy, it doesn't matter.

Now, before you go crazy and start posting like it's the apocalypse, stop, think, and follow these four simple rules

1. Do obey all rules of Fimfiction.net. This should go without saying. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, click here

2. Do read the story before posting, unfinished or not. Nothing is worse than getting hyped then being let down by terrible characterisation and atrocious spelling errors.

3. Do make sure the story is quality. This ties in nicely with rule 2. Reading the story first should give you a good impression whether it's quality or not.

4. Don't post any story's affiliated with Fallout Equestria. There are groups for that, please post there.

5. Do have fun. Enjoy! Share the group, spread the word. Have fun!

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