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Why Pinkie Pie Smiles narrated (with illustrations!!!) · 6:57am May 29th, 2018

Yeah yeah I haven't updated anything in a while I should be updating things why aren't I updating things but FIRST!

This was done by DrWolf001 and it's bloody great!

It features artwork by Colour-Curious and honestly, it's adorable!

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I'm mostly writing pokemon smut these days~ And I quite enjoy it! My main pokemon story is up to 300,000 words :pinkiecrazy:

So yes, I am enjoying it! I'm far from dead amongst the ponies, either. Just.. very slow and sleeping! I'm glad I got you into ponies though :) Thank you for the kind words~

Hello anonymous bird horsey, just dropping in to say your stories are what introduced me to the site. I wasn't really into (and still am to some extent) the whole mlp fandom biz, but your just plain interesting and talented writing really did inspire me to read more into the stories people have written in the mlp universe. If it hadn't been for your writing I would've let me dislike for what I assumed to be a cringe childish show keep me from ever reading some of this sites awsome fics, so thank you for that. I hope whatever you are doing nowadays makes you happy and gives you entertainment like your stories gave to me ♥️ stay cool man

The greatest debate yet conceived by man

I was particular enthralled with the entreaties made at 3:30. Man be out there spitting facts

  • Viewing 640 - 644 of 644
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