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Why Pinkie Pie Smiles narrated (with illustrations!!!) · 6:57am May 29th, 2018

Yeah yeah I haven't updated anything in a while I should be updating things why aren't I updating things but FIRST!

This was done by DrWolf001 and it's bloody great!

It features artwork by Colour-Curious and honestly, it's adorable!

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Ah, I see! Don't over stress yourself then. Let the power words flow through you. :twilightsheepish:

It'll get continued and finished eventually! I don't want to push myself to write it too hard because that's always a recipe to make it unsatisfying and awful!

I'm glad you enjoy my work though :twilightsmile:

Hi! I recently discovered and fell in love with your writing and I think its amazing! The attention to detail is incredible and the mannerisms of the characters are wonderful. Also, I know you've probably heard this a dozen times, but I really want you to continue An Affliction of the Heart soon - it's one of my favorite stories on this site and I know you'll do great!

Is Dirty Diamond the last in this Ingress story?

Well make the next chapter long, like 4000 to like 5000 words

  • Viewing 550 - 554 of 554
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