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Like what I'm doing? You have bad taste! But I love you <3


Cancelled a few things · 6:48pm March 24th

If you noticed (you probably didn't) I moved some statuses over to 'cancelled'. Mostly there were years-old stories that I just don't have the werewithal to mess with any more. I moved them over for clarity's sake.

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I love most (haven't read all) of the stories you write can't wait for more Celestia ingress and Affliction. You keep up the magnificent writing!

I'm just rereading your ingress stories and I'd forgotten how good the series is. I especially love the Lyra story. You write her as such a cute, adorable character.

I know right!

Thanks for the kind words :twilightsmile:

Just thought id say i Love your work! :twilightsmile:
I see two updates, but its been so long itll have to wait till i reread the beginnings. :twilightsheepish:
Thanks in advance! Hopefully you can break through these incomplete tags! :pinkiehappy:

You are writing really good stories but here's a question will you ever continue room for rent?

  • Viewing 539 - 543 of 543
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