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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Four

With her newfound responsibilities as Queen, Kuno has seen fit to lead the changelings towards a life of coexistance with ponies.

But there are those who would wish to see such an endeavour fail, and they're not above taking action to make it fail.

Cover art commissioned by Iakovl, drawn by Derpah.

Chapters (10)
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Dam dam dam... Murder

Murder? Of a changeling, I'll bet.


5242922 Seriously, who the fuck uses Bing? I mean why would anyone use Bing for anything? You sir or madame need to learn how terrible Bing is.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

This is great, so glad we have more AotH! On a sad note, I can't see this in my read later or favourites :fluttercry:
EDIT: Never mind, all sorted :derpytongue2:

Sweet! It begins again!

Kuno grimaced. “Well, at least you know the quickest way to a pony’s heart.”

Somewhere in Canterlot, some pony that sells collars with bells is very, very tired.

Murder? Well, I suppose "everything goes well" would probably have been too much to hope for.

wait what? whos murder!? it wasnt a changeling was it!?

“It’s too quiet,” Swarm said, rubbing a hoof anxiously through her mane. “I think I’m going deaf!”

So Swarm could hear the hivemind before Kuno tore it down. I wonder what this will lead to.

Uh oh, I smell fanatic ponies killing changelings...

Must have MORE! Great fic as usual.

5242927 Wouldn't it be murder of a pony since the guards brought the changeling but maybe he was framed

5243667 Or maybe the changeling found the body?:pinkiegasp:

Guess we'll just have to wait for the next chapter.:twilightangry2:

kinda of job fair,

kind of of job fair? Might want to fix that.

well that didn't take long

It's too late for you to give that talk, Warden... Swarm is already mind controlling her first lover, and dosn't even know what sex is. What scares me more about the situation is that this means mind control is purely instinctive, to the point Swarm might not know she's using mind control.

It's the beginning chapter and already there's drama. I'm blaming the anti-changeling groups. Still I'm happy as a foal in a candy shop as this is up and running. :yay:

Good to see Kuno and Warden got some quality time. I wonder who bit the dust this time.

Commence read.

Interesting help from Celestia.

Then murder. Hm.

Another one? Seriously? I guess you really have nothing else to do but write poor romance novels.

5244235 K den. How do I ban an author on this site? Sick of seeing your stuff :)

5244237 I dunno, but I know how to ban people from commenting on my stuff.

I'm sick of seeing your comments. :twilightsmile:

5243706 :raritycry: WOE IS ME! WHO KNOWS WHEN THE NEXT CHAPTR WILL BE DONE?!:raritydespair:

5244237 Don't you have anything else to do than to write hate comments?! and how do you kno that this is another one of her fics if you weren't keeping up with them. BEGONE! ALL YOUR HATING IS MAKING FLUTTERSHY CRY I HOPE YOUR HAPPY?!:fluttercry:

5244230 Can you just shut the fuck up? I don't see you writing any popular romance novels anyway, it's not like you have anything to back yourself up with.

I don't care how funny the comments are...the story is better!

Its finally here!:rainbowkiss: And suddenly, its a thriller.

Yes yes yes yes yes, love you even more now!

Not too terribly surprised the first thing on the freed changelings mind is sex. They probably have years of repressed emotions they'll need to work through.

“I had sex with him!”

o God my sides ROFL

That reply made me laugh way too hard XD

It looks like things are looking...

“What happened?” Kuno asked wearily, looking up towards the changeling and the royal guards. “What mess do I have to clean up now?”

One of the royal guards pursed his lips, and took a short step forwards. “I suggest you rouse your house, Miss Kuno. There’s been a murder on your estate.”


towards a life of coexistance with ponies.


5243541 The same thing that all suspenseful foreshadowing leads to.

I swear, if Warden nods anymore sagely he should grow a beard...

Oh my god...this chapter made me laugh so hard...and...y'know, concerned- especially with that last bit. I find the naivete of the hive-less changeling drones to be hilarious in the fact that they misconstrued everything that Kuno said.

that sums up my thoughts exactly

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