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:pinkiegasp: No comments since twenty-eight weeks?
Here you go.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh man, that's gotta be hard. But, you gotta eat. I never liked rap, but I respect the old rappers. Much more than these current "artists".

It's not good unless it hurts my ears. Tombstone is definitely one of the better pony related artists, but my favorite is Eurobeat Brony. His music is more like alternative. Flux Pavillion and Nero are both great.

Guns played a pivotal role in all of recent history! I've always like H&K.

It's not pretty. That thing is just beautiful.

80684 Guns are the fun part. History you can use. And the new ones look fucking sweet!

Tell me that's not pretty.

80684 Moneys money. I have bills to pay... So sometimes it's just better to swallow your pride. Plus I hate new rap. The old school is good. And I end up making many parodies so not really hardcore rap.

Excision man... so bucking heavy... Like Michel More at an all you can eat. Knife party is awesome too. Flux Pavillion, Nero and my hero The Living Tombstone. All great artist in their own rights.

80642 Ah, that's just great! I love dubstep and electronic, but I think it's so hard to find an artist that doesn't just suck. I those artists, but I don't think I've heard anything by Clutch. This doesn't exactly count as dubstep, but I like Pendulum. I grew up listening to alternative, so that's my true favorite, but no one makes alternative anymore. If you hate rap, why do you make beats for it to spat to?

It doesn't matter if people think it's stupid, as long as you enjoy it. Unfortunately, I never got a gun as memorabilia.

Any bandana works, as long as it's got this baby. ∞

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