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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!

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Regardless, I'm always glad to read a story from you! :twilightsmile:

You know, since Starlight came about, she's been in the "maybe" pile, but I can't say I've got a plan for her.
I have a few other fics I want to get finished first, but there's always the possibility of her showing up in the future.

Any plans for a story involving [you] and Starlight in the future? :)

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F*ck Marry Kill · 5:47pm Last Tuesday

Yeah, I need to get stuck in to my fic-writing right about now. Gotta finish the fic I'm working on!

So naturally, I'll play F*ck, Marry, Kill in this blog while I'm doing just that. Leave a comment below! Doesn't have to be pony-related, but as long as I know where the characters come from.