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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!


Girls repulse you. All those tea parties and cooties and pink bows and stuff. A smart ten year old colt like yourself wants nothing to do with them! You're perfectly happy playing with your model train set. But when the Cutie Mark Crusaders chase you down to discover the secrets of gaining a Cutie Mark, you find there's more to those fillies than you think. Especially their ringleader, Apple Bloom.

Vectors by Kuren247 and the DeviantArt VectorClub.

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well; a new story... interesting :trollestia: can anyone say, "Me Gusta"? b/c I think I jut did 10 times :pinkiehappy:


just what I never wanted but will still read, like, and favorite with gusto!


Am I gonna enjoy this?
You damn right I will.
It's Crowley, motherfuckers.

This may or may not be relevant, but...

Now I know what I'm doing tonight

….*Single tear falls* Why must you start with a heart-wrenching disaster?

You never cease to entertain me. Keep at it!:pinkiehappy:

To Be Young and Stupid.

Story of my life.

Kill ALL THE PARENTS! except Rarity's, of course.

Mine is "To be Young and Crazy"
Always had a fascination with playing with sharp things...

2360450 Yeah, me too. I've gotten too many band-aids on my hands from even attempting to successfully play Five Finger Fillet. My friends keep calling me crazy for it, but I like the thrill of the imminent danger.

I just enjoy handling knives, so it's not a big surprise I took a liking to cooking- where you can play with both fire and knives in a socially acceptable manner.

Sweet and awesome:rainbowkiss:

"Most colts and fillies are all meeting up with their parents or guardians, some where loitering..."
Shouldn't that be "were?"

Wat. Y. Hao?
First chapter and its already better than your (amazing) clop.

So what about the scooter?

Yes....YES! I shall read it someday soon.

The engineer is "my" dad, isn't he?

Commence read!

This should be interesting.

Thanks Crowley.

Dammit! Caught by the three cootieteers?! The shame! ; ;

O.o Mommy, I'm scared... the three cootieteers know something!

That last vector. All of my "D'aaaawwwww"

She’s a though gal.

... She's a what now? Do you mean thorough, or tough? ... Okay, you mean tough. Change it, please. :duck:

Awwwwww SNAP! I just burned Bloom GOOD! :trollestia:

that spoiler at the end was HIGHLY inaccurate. i DO NOT have a "hnnnng".

i have a couple dozen mega-hnnnnng's :pinkiehappy:

I honestly would've expected Applebloom to get her cutie mark from rebuilding the clubhouse and kissing the colt for helping her get it.

All of the cute. This has it.


Wait a second... That Cheerilee image...
Are those hints at potential future fics?
Lake Warden / Twilight sequel, Warden overcoming fear of unfathomably deep ocean / eyes unaccustomed and therefore not yet able to see in saltwater(been there)?
Spike / Rarity datefic?
You M.D. with Gilda?
Human / Applejack sequel probably stemming from someone overreacting and using legal code to try and exile you?
Celestia / Actor!You?
Misunderstood Luna / Understanding!You?

Then the easel...

A request for swimming pony vectors for the Warden/Twilight fic?
Crowley is definitely writing griffon.
If you're asking for those you might want a bit less subtlety.

Wow, insensative much?

I know a certain mandolin player wishing Applebloom would sit on him.

*Takes my newly earned Hnnng and puts it in his pocket for later use*

Got to the part where the earth pony couple started talking about their children, and immediately thought "This train is going to crash." I posted this before finishing the chapter, so I might be wrong. Don't reply telling me what happened, I'll already know by the time that you do.

Cootie carriers? I'll call the CDC.

So what if its a twisty slide, THERE'S COOTIES AT THE BOTTOM!! Just bail!

A second person fic done right..

I love you. Take all my everything!

2361278 You're fucked. Seriously, fuck off.

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