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Some dork who writes horse romance. What more do you want from me?


[2nd Person Fic starring you and Derpy Hooves]

It's just an average day for you at the lettuce stand when you are greeted by Ponyville's resident mail mare. Though this normally wouldn't be out of the ordinary, she seems to be sporting some...strange gear.

A/N: I always feel like my descriptions are too short. The actual description part, not the Author's Notes part.

ANYWAY, this is my Derpy story! Inspired almost SOLELY by a picture I saw. I'll put it in the author's notes of the actual story, as to avoid spoilers here.

I started writing this about a week ago, just before Christmas. Once I started, I challenged myself to finish it before the year ended. And what do ya know, I did! Didn't publish it before then, but still...I felt accomplished.

...Totally pointless information, but I thought I might as well share it.

I don't have too much to say here. So I'll just end this off with the traditional:
Enjoy folks!

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Kody, y u do this to me? I'm getting sleepy, and your fics are going to turn me into an insomniac. :ajsmug:

Good, very good.

You didn't fall into the trap of going 'You this, you that' - but I think by now you're very good at this sort of thing.

What a way to kick of the New Year, eh?
I love Derpy, I love 2nd person (or pony) POV, and I love your stories.
Damn man, just damn. This was awesome.

Really cute and sweet story i like it


Short and sweet. I like it!

[2nd Person Fic starring you and Derpy Hooves]
Already loving this!


... how did I know that the paper over the eyes was from THAT video the instant I read that?

Adorable. 'nuff said.

I cried, I cried for like 5 minutes.

My heart exploded. SO WORTH IT!


Kody, I just want to say something, just to express all of my compliments I can.
I adore all of of your work of writing, especially if it takes too long to come up with a story,the outcome of your completion work is always excellent as usual.:raritywink:
I love this story, it brings my heart flutter of this OC pony (it's 2nd person, of course) showing compassion of the one mare he cared about. Derpy is my favorite background character because she is the heart of the MLP fanon community and her silly eyes she has.:derpytongue2:
And the way you put down the paper eyes on Derpy's face, it's genius and it builds up the story. Did you got that idea from that one gif where she has those false eyes taped to her face:rainbowhuh:?
Anyway, good job on your story:pinkiehappy:! What a great way to start a new year.
Until then, me and your fans will meet you again, for the next romantic story:twilightsmile:.

1885437 You glorious prophet you.

(Referring to ref pic)Dan is soooo mean. Dan VS Me! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!

Loved your story, VERY cute. I haz cavities dangit.

1886499 How could it not be featured? Silly Regidar, It's Derpy!

1886656 The sheeple of this site. :facehoof:

Her smile widens to infinity.

That is one heck of a smile.

perfect theme song!

Oh my god. Curse you. I just got over the sadness of that game.

So many d'awwws were given.:rainbowkiss:
I'm glad you didn't call her Ditzy.:twilightsmile: I hate it when people call her that.

This was beautiful. I :heart: it. :yay:, Derpy is happy in the end.

1887080 Sorry, but me too

Many d'awswwwws were given. Good work :moustache:

1886499 not really, considering the author who wrote this. :applejackunsure:

Beautiful, simply beautiful. I always love a good Derpy story, and the amount of daaaaaaaawwwww here certainly fits the mold. Have all my favs.:derpytongue2:

Hot damn.... That was beautiful....

I knew the story was based of that part.
Great story, very beautiful indeed.
I have yet to see one Derpy story that DOESN'T make me go DAAAAWWWW!!!:pinkiehappy:

This was pretty cute. Reading it definitely brought a smile to my face. <3

Adorable! Derpy's such a sweetheart, ain't she? :derpytongue2:

I will enjoy reading this once I have the time. In the meantime, have a fav! :pinkiehappy:

First, 3 people shouldn't be bronies. Second, imagining this story with my OC was so cool. Well written, good job sir!

1886677 Oh yes, the Sheeple. *Nods knowingly while pretending to know what in the world Regidar is saying*
They are a problem.

>implying people who are sick of 2nd-person garbage fics and have different opinions than you shouldn't be allowed to be bronies

1888905 Bandwaggoners, you know?

1888925 not being able to show sarcasm sucks. I didn't mean anything by it

1889067 You too, I see where you were coming from.

Derpy writes in Chiller?

1888925 Ah, yes. I didn't mean to be one, I didn't realize I was being one... I kinda like Derpy... I don't hate people for calling Derpy Ditzy, If that's what you meant.... I also like almost all ponies, I just hold a slightly higher spot for derpy.

I don't think I'm on a bandwagon...?

1889156 It's the same thing that happens to MLD fics and stories with (UGH) Nyx*shudder* in them. People just jump aboard.

hi this r teh master cheef

tis brot me many :)

Translation: Hi, this is the Master Chief. This brought me many "Happy Face".

1889175 OOOooooh Okay, You mean like without Critique? i.imgur.com/rFIZ8.gif
I will admit I slightly liked MLD and I am a fan of Nyx,
(you seem like a Nyx hater, and will prolly shun me for my comment.)
However, only well written stories, or stories with a good enough premise intrest me.

The "come on, It's derpy!" thing was a joke.

I do not blindly jump aboard the stupid train, thanks for your concern; REGIDAAAAAAR!

As for those who do the opposite of what I was accused of, and hate on such stories indescriminately, well....


I am a fan of Nyx

That caused me physical pain.


That caused me physical pain.



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