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(2nd Person Story story starring you and Pinkie Pie)

Synopsis: You couldn't help but fall in love with the life of the party when you moved to Ponyville. That hyperactive pink ball of energy is the kindest and most sweetest pony you've ever met. And you mean sweet in both senses of the word when you get involved in the book she's trying to write.

Author's Note: The Candy Sutra has helped me nail down the format I like and will become the staplehood for future projects. The Candy Sutra is a 2nd person story starring you and Pinkie Pie. It's both funny, sensual, and involves Pinkie Pie. Need I say more? And on one final note, this story marks the beginning of what I like to call 'the weave'. I decided to have my stories crossover into each other, bring back old characters, and actually meet 'yourself' from previous stories. As one reader put it '...it's like Quantum Leap, except with ponies.'

Side Note: A special and well deserved thanks goes out to tubular for his help critiquing and editing The Candy Sutra. Thanks to him, it's now 20% cooler. If you ever see him on the #equestria IRC, give him a pat on the back.

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Pfft, are you shitting me? An hour is OH NO DOOOOM!?
I wake up, get breakfast, shower and all that in half, before driving another half to work mon/fri. Weeeeeeeak.

Bahahaha. I approve.

Dude, this 2nd person fiction is properly awesome! :pinkiehappy: I loved the little link with Healing Dash ^_^ Can't wait to read the rest of them bro, you've got talent! :twilightsmile:

this is awsome, i was confused as to why it had no ratings until the 5th chapter but its good

WHAT! NOOOO ive caught up :\ BUT DUDE, THIS IS AWESOME, <3 pinkie soooooo much. just, amazing. U get a watch and a 5 man KEEP IT UP! :D this is one way to brighten my day :heart::pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy::heart:


This fiction is incredible. I don't think there could be a better combination of bad-assery such as Paintball combined with romanticism: you pulled this off flawlessely. I tip my hat, and all of my five stars, to you, my good man. :twilightsmile:


Woah. :rainbowwild: Me jelly.

#8 · Oct 15th, 2011 · · · Chapter 4 ·

Oh god...gummy, the erotic author.......half of me thinks your sick and the other half things your the best writer in this fandom....

#9 · Oct 15th, 2011 · · · Chapter 5 ·

God......you are a true writer.....and your also 5.00 grams of pure pinkie pie! Keep it up but please...little less sause please.

Gummy FTW!

For my first reaction? "Darn, stories got posted while I was asleep, other people got to read them first." My second reaction? "Well, the quality is still there, so, lets enjoy these anyway." Quite good, by this point I am almost an internet stalker on your page, waiting cheerfully for the next update. I feel that I will enjoy all of these stories as long as you keep posting them.

In the immortal words of the most revered Tucker.
"Bow chicka bow wow!"

Seriously though, cute story and it managed all that it did without going into xxx-land.


And I though healing Dash was sweet, this is pinkie high:pinkiehappy:

Plz Write a story where gummy writes a erotic novel that Twilight finds and reads before discovering Gummy wrote it. XD

Metal gear solid reference in the story? you made this story so much better awesome work


Many more crossovers in my fic involving past work. It's like a web now, with all the little references to past, present, and even future works.

Thankies. ^.^

Much more to come, trust me.


Heh, thanks. It took quite a while to write it, but was worth it.

I'll try. :P

Stories and more stories to come, each one better than the last. ^.^

Speaking of which, Swing (My female-perspective Applejack fic) has a pretty hot and heavy optional part (written by Coffeebean himself). I feel like if someone wants to read it or stuff like that, I should make it optional. That's why there will be a link in the description to a gdoc should I do anything like that. Just thought I'd let you all know.

The story was sweet, both figuratively and literally. :P

That will definitely be a little weird, but I might as well throw it onto the pile. It won't come right away, though. I've got enough to write already. >.>;

Eeyup. I thought it was totally random at first, but then I realized I was writing about Pinkie Pie and went with it.

:pinkiehappy: Thanks for the fun read, very adorable. :heart:

I definitely need to say, that i love they way you are crossing over your own Stories!

Somehow .. every story gets more cute by this .. and i hope (i havent read the other story's, yet) that you will continue this with your stories! :pinkiehappy:

So .. very .. much .. approve!! :pinkiehappy:

The Gamer's Twitch: A powerful technique involving the rhythmic contraction of muscles in any of the extremities. Used mainly to press buttons so fast, Mario Party CPUs would be afraid.

Oh yeah. I gave it a name. :moustache:

Gummy is the best pony, even if he's an alligator.
...we need a one-shot GummyXReader fic!

come one hes trying his best

wouldn't you go buserk if you were abouut to be late for date with someone you liked alot

come one hes trying his best

wouldn't you go buserk if you were abouut to be late for date with someone you liked alot

wait i clicked once???????

Gummy(aka agentG) the aligator that will surprise you

WOW Gummy your talented wrighter

even thought it was erotic wrighting

I so approve of this

now make one with applejack x3

you sould make a epiloge

This is literally the best fic ever.

I'm reading this as part of the Second Person Shipping Collection #6, and this is The. Best. Possible. Thing.

I must really like her if I'm freaking out about an hour! XD

Pinkie Pie...

Huh?! Wazzat?! N-no, I wasn't doing anything! See?! :scootangel:

Wow... I... That.... *Tugs at collar* Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Justmeokaythanksgottagobye! *Blitzs for the door and cool air*

And now readers have a craving for candy and everything kinky... Proud of yourself? XD

I read both this and your CMC 2nd person. I had no idea it was the same person at the time. But I must say, I now have the urge to devour anything you write. I shall begin the conquest at noon tomorrow, and I shall end it victory!

Lol i totally read these out of order - reading love triangle then dash then applejack then rarity then this... but DAMN i never would have thought that a pinkie pie romance woulda worked... :pinkiegasp:

I love all the 2nd person view stories

You nailed it right in the center target...
Licorice.... Now that is certainly.... Well more creative than what I would have come up with, I was actually thinking lollipops would make a good substitute, since well, they are flat and all... Oh, and they have a handle to do some even more Kinky stuff. :twilightblush:

Anything more like this?

Holy snap! This was very entertaining.

The whole paintball date? And then Kinky Pie? That was the most entertaining read in a long time. :D


Not all lolipops are flat...
That isn't a bad thing, of course.

ugh after this story i've got a fetish for paintball and chocolate!

“I think I have some cherries at my house.”

Pinkie turns to you. “And I know a shop that sells fresh whipped cream.”
Me gusta.

umm wow candy will never be the same for me again in a good way

Ghillie suit date. sounds kinky :pinkiehappy:

20672 it all makes sense now! i get that when im "in the zone".

also, i love the metal gear references here hahahaha :pinkiegasp:

gummy is a bad flank haha :rainbowwild:

“Woop woop woop woop woop!” she cries as she runs away.
pinkie zoidburg?!?! woop woop woopastro.ubc.ca/~jonben/images/blog/avatars/zoidberg_evil.jpg

Hrm, I could have sworn that I commented on this. Oh well, I'll do it now! Hilarious and yummy read, well done.

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