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Emerald moved from New Colt City less than two weeks ago and she's brought her love of tabletop games with her. After answering an and making friends with Lyra and Bon-Bon, Emerald is really enjoying how simple her life is now. That is, until one day after having to call a game short and taking off for work, she forgets something and turns around, only to stumble into something a bit over her head.

Words from the Author: I've had this idea in my head for such a long time. It comes from many jokes I've had made when I call myself a "Dungeon Master". So, I decided to run with the idea. It's a one shot, meaning I'm most likely not going to continue on with this. It's just meant to be something fun.

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Retiring as Colonel of the Equestrian Air Force, you figured the rest of your days would be spent sipping a mai-tai by the beach... Not wet work. But after Queen Chrysalis' attack on Canterlot, traitors are a plenty and the Princesses need someone they can trust... Someone like you.

So welcome to the world of espionage and counter-intelligence.

One of my commissioned works in the development. Hope you enjoy it.

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You love a certain white unicorn and she loves you, but why does it scare you so much to commit? You've done everything together, so why is it so hard to think about marrying her? It's not like you don't want to, but just the thought is enough to send you into a panic attack. Will Rarity be able to help you overcome? Or will everything just... Fall apart?

This is one of the works I've been commissioned to do by a certain fan who wanted to see a sequel to my previous story "Freudian Slip". In this story, there's going to be twists, turns, shockers, and show stoppers. Just wait and see and prepare yourself to laugh, be afraid, cry, and d'awww. This is going to be 10 chapters long, 6000 words each. I'll try to update it regularly with the rest of my work, but things have been pretty erratic lately. Wish me luck!

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As one of Equestria's more popular writers, you relish the chance to get away and work on your newest romance novel and some side projects, when you meet a particular yellow pegasus who happens to be a fan of your work and oddly enough, you're a fan of hers as well... She just wishes you weren't, because "It's so embarrassing..."

And here it is, the last in my "Mane 6" stories, By a Fireplace! This story, like all the others, takes place during all the others and has its own little niche in the timeline. I've had a lot of questions about the continuity of my stories, but please bare with me. I've got a plan, a timeline, and graphs.

Anyway, about the story itself... Hmm... Well, nothing really special or no warning I should post... This should be a pretty tame story, but if there's a development even I didn't expect, I'll make sure to put it here.

Well, enjoy!

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Meet Daymos. He's just like any other pony in Ponyville.

He works.

He plays.

He has bodies in his basement.

Okay, maybe he's not like any other pony.

But he's only trying to help.

He's a killer with a conscience and murderer with morals.

So if you end up on his table... You probably deserve what's coming.

Author's Note: Okay, this is going to take a while... I have a HUGE story planned for this thing and it's going to take a while to write it all. But I feel like if I write like 3000+ words a week, I can make some headway on it. Now, about the story. It's not exactly a crossover; it's more of an 'inspired by'. One day, I started wondering how a Dexter-esque pony would play out and this spawned. I wanted to submit it to Equestria Daily... But I kept feeling like their requirements were so arbitrary and restricting. I almost dropped it because of all the tiny little nitpicks. So, here you are. Unabridged, unabashed, unedited. Enjoy.

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(2nd Person Romance Story starring stoner "you" and Twilight Sparkle)

It was the night of the Harvest Moon Music Festival when you met Twilight Sparkle, a lovely mare, just after a little fun to offset all the stress in her life. You hit off really well with her and you can both feel a spark, but you wonder what you did wrong when you wake up in your hotel room with some missing memory and Twilight nowhere to be seen.

Author's Note: Alright people, let's get this out of the way. Clover. Yes, it is pretty much marijuana in my story. Coffeebean was the one who came up the concept and I'm using it for my story. It's not just there for fun, it will have an impact on relationships with multiple characters. Second off, this story will have a very sensitive matter at the heart of the story. I can't tell you what, simply because I hate spoiling a story. But remember when I said this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster? Think of one of those super coasters that have like sixty loops and spends half the time upside down. But I assure you, it will still feel like one of my stories, having happy, funny, sad, and romantic parts to it.

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(2nd Person Story starring lifeguard "You" and Applejack)

Being a well respected life-guard on a tropical island sounds like it’d be the best job ever, but you find your life becoming quite complicated when you become fast friends with a tourist and fall head over heels for her. Can you find the courage to confess your love to her? And will she even accept your feelings? And what will your friends say when you tell them you’re in love with another mare?

Author's Note: Oh yes, I went there. This is a female perspective fic. I recall someone saying in the SFG Thread: "Why are all these stories in a male perspective? It's not like I mind, it's just I'd like to see some female perspective fics out there."

So, as the ever exploring type, I decided "Why the heck not?" and made this fic from a female point of view. And honestly, I like how it turned out. I do hope you enjoy it.

Side Note: I talked with Coffeebean while writing this fic and actually asked him to write a part for this fic. A more... Hot and heavy part. It's not straight up clop-fic, but I wouldn't say it's safe for work, either. So, for lack of a better idea, I'm going to include a link to it here as google document that you may view. It takes place in-between parts four and five.

Swing (Part 4.5)(AKA Operation: Wingboner)(Warning: the following part may be considered graphic and not safe for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/15CjK0lq4kjq3FBIIbcFo8kaMxk-VdJeq62wOv2yKeBU/edit?hl=en_US

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(2nd Person Sensual Fic starring Doctor Sigmund "You" and Rarity)

Rarity finally admits her problem and looks for some professional help and finds it in you, Ponyville's resident psychiatrist. The more you explore her problems and her mind, you can't help but find a place for this unicorn in your heart. But is it wise to let your emotions cloud your psychiatric judgement? Just how far will you go to make her happy?

This fic turned out to be much longer than the others and has some pretty large parts in it. And that's how I started writing even longer fics, which is great, isn't it?

And a side note: Did a little crossover collab with Coffeebean and his fic "Drunken Lullabies". You should check it out, if you haven't already.


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(2nd Person Story story starring you and Pinkie Pie)

Synopsis: You couldn't help but fall in love with the life of the party when you moved to Ponyville. That hyperactive pink ball of energy is the kindest and most sweetest pony you've ever met. And you mean sweet in both senses of the word when you get involved in the book she's trying to write.

Author's Note: The Candy Sutra has helped me nail down the format I like and will become the staplehood for future projects. The Candy Sutra is a 2nd person story starring you and Pinkie Pie. It's both funny, sensual, and involves Pinkie Pie. Need I say more? And on one final note, this story marks the beginning of what I like to call 'the weave'. I decided to have my stories crossover into each other, bring back old characters, and actually meet 'yourself' from previous stories. As one reader put it '...it's like Quantum Leap, except with ponies.'

Side Note: A special and well deserved thanks goes out to tubular for his help critiquing and editing The Candy Sutra. Thanks to him, it's now 20% cooler. If you ever see him on the #equestria IRC, give him a pat on the back.

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(2nd Person story starring Doctor "You" and Rainbow Dash)

Being a doctor in the big city isn't as glamorous as you thought it would be; few hours, minimal contact, and a staff of doctors that really don't care. So you did what any self-respecting doctor would do: pack up his bags and move to another city. Ponyville to be exact. This small, out of the way town promised to be the perfect place to set up a family practice and actually do house-calls for a change. Though, you'd never thought you'd be performing home-care for a certain blue pegasus who ended up in your Emergency Room...

Author's Notes:

Cover Image by N3uro. Thanks buddy!

This is the second fic I ever did for the SFG and still one of my favorites. The idea came to me shortly after finishing Love Triangles and Other Funny Shapes and I needed to write it. Luckily, I did and this fic lead to all my others because I said to myself: "Why stop with just one of the mane cast? I'll do all of them!"

Best idea ever. ^.^

Anyway, there originally was a much more graphic ending, but after all this time, I gotta say I'm not happy with it. I may or may not fix it and write a different one, I have no idea. But for now, it's just a teen rating. I promise plenty of laughs, sweet moments, and tender scenes.

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