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Discord has been in these lands long before they became Equestria. He has seen kingdoms rise and fall, and countless generations of ponies pass him by. Unbeknownst to everypony else, he had more of an impact on history than just what his powers have done.

All of this and more comes to light during a late-night conversation between him and his wife, Fluttershy.

Sex tag is for minor references and talks of parenthood.

Cover Image by FarewellDecency

Written for a contest between friends.

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This is an excellent read! You perfectly captured the headcanon I have always had regarding Pinkie's chaotic nature and unexplained powers.

I can totally go with that as Pinkie Pie being related to Discord. Her brand of fun chaos kinda makes her the light side of Chaos magic. Besides, who in their right (or not so right mind) wants to piss off Pinkie Pie?

Seeing her sad would make ypur heart hurt, while making her mad is a VERY dangerous thing to do if your on the receiving end.

"Silly String" marrying into "Silly Pie" was beautiful word-crafting.

Oh. Oh wow! I knew me and Discord were close!

Good story btw

Now it was Discord's turn to blush. "Well... I couldn't just trust somepony else to take care of my legacy. I doubt there was any pony alive back then who would happily bear the heir of chaos. So... I decided I would do it. You should know by now that I am more than capable of turning myself into a pony. It wasn't much harder to turn myself into a mare instead."

Fluttershy stared at him for a few moments in confusion, her thoughts swirling around in her mind as she struggled to comprehend what he was saying. "So... you had the foal?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. "Then... who was the father?"

Not gonna lie. I thought he had made doubles of himself and the male one impregnated the female one. *feels stares* WHAT!? HE HAS THE POWER TO DO SO!! AND PLUS... HE'S DISCORD!! THE GOD/SPIRIT OF CHAOS!!

Great story. This is the second story (or maybe third...) I've read where Pinkie turns out to be descended from Discord.

I think the Habsburgs are a good enough example of why that would be a bad idea.

How is this complete when we were about to get to see Discord attend Pinkie's "We're Related" Party?

Well I must say I do like this Entry into the contest. Well done. :twilightsmile:

It's complete because I cannot write Pinkie for the life of me.


Not to mention her ability to use chaos powers when Cozy Glow couldn't.

Great story.

there is another part to this, a terrifying part

discord and pinkie are related...applejack and pinkie 'might' be related....applejack might be related to discord


This was a fun one :)


She said face in thought.

missing word?

I always held the headcanon that granny pie was a draconequess, and pinkie inherited it from her.

personally i just saw it as pinkie converting discord power to her party power making her the goddess of fun :pinkiehappy:

To be honest, I was considering having Granny Pie and Discord be one and the same, but the timing left too many plotholes that I didn't want to handwave away with 'chaos magic'. :twilightsheepish:

I’ve seen lots of theories regarding Granny Pie. One that says Pinkie’s somewhat compulsion to be airborne (hence multiple uses of flying contraptions) stems from GP being a pegasus. That GP is a draconequess, that she’s secretly Celestia, that both GP and Cloudy Quartz are draconequii, but CQ was sickened by discord’s actions and chose to just live as an earth pony, etc.

Tbf, after over a thousand years I'm sure the genes have spread pretty far.

This was a very enjoyable read. I kind of like the idea of Pinkie and Discord being related to each other. It definitely explains Pinkie's chaotic nature. :rainbowlaugh:

One thing, though...since Fluttershy and Discord are married, does that make Fluttershy Pinkie's great-great-many greats-grandmother by marriage?

Yup! Though Discord being her great-great-great-etc-grandmother and not father is even funnier to me.

10361024 My head canon was that Pinkie was a mortal descendant of Loki, via Sleipnir. It would explain her speed, her shapeshifting abilities (including the ability to manifest additional legs), her impusiveness and trickster nature. She evn swears by her great(many) grandfather, 'Okie Doki Loki!'

Magnifique! I wouldn't have it any other way! Now you shall get an earful of my beloved sword! Behold, Pillow Talk! Let's rock, baby!

I expect jojo references...
But is that an Okami reference?


I've never actually watched Jojo, but Ōkami? Love it. I also love its sadly oft-forgotten sequel, ŌkamiDen, on the Nintendo DS.
I believe I was first introduced to Ōkami by chuggaaconroy, all those years ago, then later bought it on the PS3. Then I got it on the PS4. Followed by the Switch - and Steam. I just wish ŌkamiDen got a fraction of that popularity...

Perfectly Insane

Honestly a little disappointed there wasn't a chapter where Discord tells Pinkie the news and have a conversation about it, otherwise, fantastic story!

Cue Twilight's first major incident as the ruler of Equestria as Pinkie realises she can drench Equestria in chocolate rain.

The lack of a third chapter is comprised of three factors:
1) Was running out of time for the contest
2) There was a 2 chapter maximum for the contest
3) I can't write Pinkie to save my life :pinkiesick:

To be fair, basically none of the authors on this site know how to actually write her either. They just default into 'lol so random hey guys 4th wall joke meme meme' ignoring the fact that Pinkie is the most socially vulnerable character of the Main 6.

This misunderstanding is, to be clear, not the fault of the writers here, but the writers on the show. Post season 2 they very obiously dont really have any idea on how to write her and just shoehorn her into the story as a comic relief.

Alas, poor audience. We shall never see the actual chaos family reunion...

Fruity half-baked prophet...

Bet it was one helluva party though

Not back but it feels as if it could be extended

This is how you break the Ponk.

The most Pinkie party in the all the history of Pinkie Parties.

I want to see the party:applecry:

Oh well:pinkiesad2:

A most interesting story

this explains so much! should be canon! also, Fluttercord stormtroopers REPRESENT!

I don't even ship Fluttercord... it was just for a contest.
I'm one of those weird Twicord shippers.


...Pinkie is the most socially vulnerable character of the Main 6.

She can also be one of the most intuitive, on occasion. :pinkiesmile:

I love to see how he tell her that he her ancestor

Huh... I just had a very stupid thought. If Discord was imprisoned at least 1000 years ago (he was sealed when Luna was still around), then there are were about 1000/20=50 generations in 1000 years. That means that if I pony has 2 foals then there about 2 to the power of 50 ponies related to Discord. It is about 100000 billions of ponies. There are not so many ponies in Equestria so everypony in Equestria is related to Discord.
All that means that Fluttershy now is step-grand-...-grand-mother of all ponies.

Holy shit brother. That just made me tear u reading that first chapter. That was...wow. Great job.

You failed to take in mortality and the fact that they always stayed on the farm, so there probably wasn't much changing of genes.

they did that in The Technological Technicolor Tenchnomare only it was Tia and Lulu who were his daughters

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