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Friends call me Eris. Go watch Epithet Erased.


I'm Eris. I write sometimes.

Do yourself a few favours:
1) Go watch Epithet Erased.
2) Go listen to Prison of Plastic.
3) Don't order Mexican fast food at 3AM in the morning.

Maxie <3
That Phucker

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Gotcha, and I can't disagree with you on that front. It killed me when after I finally got around to watching the series I realized all of the plushies and merch were limited runs and the time to buy them was already long past. You were a fool past me, a fool!

Just think its an extremely underrated series that deserves all the attention and support it can get.

Hey, just curious but is there any reason you're recommending epithet erased specifically? It's the first time I've seen any profile urging people to go watch a single, completely unrelated work. I've seen a couple lists before but never just a single thing. (Side note, I have actually watched and loved it, as well as read prison of plastic. they're great)

What is Epithet Erased about?

Hey Semi! Your "Sparkle of Unlife" is now the best horror story on the site, with the best like ratio! Congrats my guy, you deserve this!

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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