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Sometimes we all need to be comforted when something bad happens to us, so this group is dedicated to stories of ponies helping each other through dark times, be they heroes or villains.

All stories are accepted, as long as there is a goodly number of tears, snuggles, hugs and hope.

Oh...and this pic is made by the awesome Lady Pixel Heart. Check her out if you have the time :)

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Why can't I add my stories in any of the folders?

how come I can only add stories to the Dark/sad folder?

371965 You're welcome, I love the story :twilightsmile:

Glad someone added my story to this. I was looking for more groups like this one. It's... relevant to my interests. :twilightsmile:

370851 Awesome! Thanks for the clarification! :twilightsmile::yay:

370849 Nope, you can just find the stories and put 'em in :pinkiehappy:

Nice group :pinkiehappy: but do you need to write too be in it :applecry:


Thank you! I know most people would probably be afraid of horrible zombie type things, but you're a nice horrible monster.

370833 D'awww...c'mere you *Hugs*


I stubbed my toe, lost my favorite spoon and my toaster exploded and scarred me!:fluttershyouch:

I need affection.:duck:

370806 I'll probably do it later on :twilightsmile:

I am hurt! Please comfort me!

Yes! Yes! Just last night, I resolved to make a group for hurt/comfort stories, and what do I find when I go to do so? :rainbowlaugh:

You probably should have more folders, like rating, hero helping hero, villain helping hero, hero helping villain, etc.

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