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This group is for collecting stories where the bonds of families take a front seat in a story. All types of relationships are welcome--Parent/Child, Siblings, Foster Families, Adoptive Familes, Owner/Pet--all kinds. The stories don't exactly have to be heartwarming either. As long as the family relations are a main point in the story, it can be accepted here!


1. Please submit stories into their correct folders.
2. Try to submit stories where one of the main foci is family bonds. In the case of Mr. & Mrs. Cake, or any other married couples, growing families and/or issues with the other partner's family should be present.
3. While Clop is allowed, please do not submit Rape stories. Foalcon and incest is alright as long as it's consensual.
4. Only submit Clopfics in the Clop folder, please!

I know that the folders are self-explanatory, but I just like to be clear!

If you have a story that includes OCs that are related to canon characters, please PM BlackSkulls for approval! Any story that includes that and is added without approval will be removed.

Twilight's Family: This includes Spike, Peewee, Owlowiscious, Night Light, Twilight Velvet, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance.

Rarity's Family: Includes Sweetie Belle, Opalescence, and their parents.

The Apple Clan: Includes Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Winona, and ANY of the Apple Clan. (Cousins, aunts, uncles, etc).

The Cakes: Includes Pumpkin & Pound Cake, Pinkie Pie (as adoptive daughter/sister), and Gummy (unless evidence shows that she had Gummy prior to moving in with the Cakes).

The Pies: Includes Maud, Inky & Blinky, and their parents.

The Royal Family: Includes Princess Celestia & Princess Luna, Princess Cadance & Prince Shining Armor (+with child), and Prince Blueblood.*

*If you have 'Faust' as the mother of the princesses, please adhere to the above about noting for approval.

Others: Everything else that does not fit into a category. This includes characters with not-defined relationships (etc. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash), other background characters, and OCs. If a certain dynamic is added more often than others, a folder will be created for it.

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Question about the rules. Are we allowed to add stories about two cousins being sent to equestria and protecting the elements of harmony.

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