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Here We Go... · 6:29pm Apr 6th, 2019

So, opening episode of the final season.

I was kind of cringing from the plot summary that was released in advance, although it turned out much better than I'd expected. For most of the show, I felt that the plot had a rushed/perfunctory feel to it, but then somehow my perspective changed, and I saw it as stylized and formal. I enjoyed it more from that point onward.

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Thanks for favoriting All the Angels, deuces!

Thanks for reading and enjoying "Every Five Hundred Years." I really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow!

It's nice to have that connection. I first drove a 4x4 when I was six and it's something I always come back to. Same with poetry I suppose? I wrote my first decent daft one in the early 1980's as a teen. I'm never far away from a silly lyric :D


Heya. From like the second or third week, I think. Quite some time. I was a long-time regular on MLP Arena before that, and have pretty much been into the Ponies from G1.

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