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Welcome to Fluttercord, a shipping group for one of the best parings in all the fandom.

Please put fics in the approptate folders.

18+- Anything that isn't age appropriate goes here.

Shipfic- Shipfics go here

Other Genre- Stories that aren't nessairly ship fics but are centered around Fluttershy and Discord.

The Family- Stories about the offspring of this awesome couple.

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Hey FlutterCord fans, anyone still here in 2021?

#fluttercord4ever :heart:

Comment posted by Heartstrings1 deleted May 23rd, 2020

I'm looking for a Discord Story of O Fluttershy Rainbow Dash both having a crush on him it was based on season 9 Premiere he got hit

Hello everyone!! I just recently joined the group. Fluttercord is my favorite ship and I hope to contribute by making my first story relatively soon!

Comment posted by Skajul Iimeer deleted Apr 7th, 2020

Why is it that 18+ reads 65 but when I click on the folder only like 7 stories appear? This is my first time here so I just don't understand.

**Edit AH HA I figured out how to get it to work out!

Hey guys. I'm very new to the group. It's really nice to meet you all.

CUTEST SHIP IN MLP. Don't you agree? XD

anyone recommend any good fluttercord fanfics?

I'm laughing so hard right now.

Greetings! I'm a more recent Fluttercord shipper thanks to 'Bride of Discord' xD

Hope you guys enjoy any story I put in the files :)

415235 write it anyways. If it turns out that its been done before i'm sure that you'll put a new twist on it.

HAHA WOO I'm the 1000th member!

Go Fluttercord!

Hello! I'm a newbie to this fandom, I love Fluttercord and would like to write a story on it. However, I'm worried the idea I've got for a story isn't interesting enough/ has been done before. Does anyone here have ideas for stories that they'd like to see? Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

Dislestia? More like dyslexia because obviously they can't read the signs :rainbowlaugh:

Heya I am like one of the most hardcore fluttercord shippers ever all my artwork is of them. Half of the time when I browse this group I see amazing points like one of the few whom took the words out of my mouth which was Nightmarederpy on Dislestia vs fluttercord. Obviously it's fluttercord. I love this group and the points it makes and very adorable to so I thought I'd be apart of it. It's all so lovely! :heart: :yay: :heart:

  • Viewing 69 - 88 of 88
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