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Ever wish you could love a horse? Well, you've come to the right place!

Here you have all your reader insert/2nd person needs, get ready to DATE A PONEH!

2nd person, second person, reader inserts... They're the same thing!

Well, soem of you might be wondering what exactly a reader insert/2nd person story is. Well, a second person story is when the main character is 'you', nobody else, the reader has to see what path her or she ends up taking, authors call. Sometimes there are alternate endings to a story, when a reader is able to pick which ending suits them best. Usually in stories like this, the reader remains unnamed and their looks undescribed, so you are able to pick how 'you' look. Some reader inserts are for laughs. Others, for sadness. Sometimes even anger.

But, most of them? Romance. That's why this group was created by yours truly.

Here are the things you can do!

1. Promote stories that you have written in the forum, or discuss 2nd person there, too.

2. Give away ideas for 2nd person stories that you are too lazy to write.

3. Notify people of fics you are writing that will be coming up soon.

4. Have fun! DUH.

Rules are as follows,

1. No joining the group just to hate on 2nd person. That is a big Nono.

2. Don't hate on any users.

3. You can put stories into all the folders it is relevant to, unless it is Human/Anonymous in Equestria. I'd like to keep those separate from the other stories. (Yes, clop can go into more than one folder, but keeping it in the Clop folder would be appreciated.)

4. Stories must have teh romance tag, but don't have to have the new 2nd person tag. You see, most 2ndmperson stories on this site were written a long time ago, and the accounts of the people who wrote them are either 'dead', i.e. They no longer come online, or, they are too lazy to update their stories with the tag. Or, they weren't notified of it.

5. HAVE FUN. of course, if you just came here to worship Celestia's plot a spoilsport instead of a person who wants to marry Luna's flank friendly person wanting to read 2nd person, then, head over to the Anti Depression Ponies group.
Not that I don't care about your depression, but, I'd like to keep the topic about 2nd person romance, 'Kay?

6. Oh yeah, and, don't spam post in the forum. I just-

Too afraid to make any friends? Just ask me, I'm your friendly neighborhood gamer girl and I'm not afraid to help a lonely soul who wants a friend. Don't be shy. Plus, I love making new friends! Though, you would have to start conversations, because... I, well, suck at doing so.

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Anyone's still alive in this group?

405662 joining forces would be fun...
And, plus, I am the leader of a guild of assassins, so. Oh yeah, and, teh zombie-like minions! Don't we call those coffee addicts before they've had coffee?

Well, if you're going to be boss, then I shall train the troops! I even have a couple 'o dragons somewhere...


Hey! I've been working on plans for world domination for years now, NOOB! Get in line and wait your turn, you can have whatever I don't want when I'm done. :derpytongue2:

Unless, of course, we decide to join forces, combine our hoards of zombie-like minions and make a team effort to conquer and rule this world, bending it to our will, subjecting everyone and making them do our bidding! YAAAY!

Okay, I'm older so I get to be the boss. :derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

Oh speaking of that, remind me to update my plans for world domination? It's been going pretty slow lately.


Hey, it's all a matter of time.


That's cool. I hope you find out really soon.

405648 I know! But, it's kind of an inside joke for us at the moment, until we find out the truth.


Cool! It'd be so cool if she was your sister. :twilightsmile:

405644 I dunno! But I did meet someone on dA, and we think that we might be long lost sisters.


Thank you! Thank you!
(Bows in magnificently grandios fashion, tips fedora.)

Btw, I'm having a ton of fun with you. And, yes, I read your "how much like me are you?" questions list, wrote out a file and posted it so you could read it. Are we related? LOL!

You just continue to amaze me.


Protip: get a box fan and set it on your floor. Get a pan and put a huge ice cube in it. Turn on fan. Presto! Poor Man's AC!

405640 dang it, Skyrim won't teach me! Maybe I should try move to Winterhold...


Ooh, good idea! That'll work! :twilightsmile:

405622 that's fine, I'll just try to figure out how to summon a frost atronach..


Like, you have to sleep with a giant icecube in order to even be moderate temperature! And I doubt I could sneak a giant icecube into my room before it melts...

I have Frozone's phone number. I'll call him up and ask him if he's okay with sleeping next to you at night to keep you cool. We'll have to be sure his wife doesn't find out, though, she can be a real b**ch about things like that. :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I'm liking the sound of the temperature thing, it's hot as balls here where I am.
Like, you have to sleep with a giant icecube in order to even be moderate temperature! And I doubt I could sneak a giant icecube into my room before it melts...


Hmm! Either you're living in the wrong reality or, perhaps, you should pack your things and move instantly to my virtual reality where computers scream at you and deliver products on demand, all TV shows are in 3D, where you can actually smell the sweet aromas of baked goods and candy during commercials, where drivers are almost never rude and their cars will yell at them if they are, where pencils and ink pens are alive, pictures draw themselves and all of your favorite cartoon characters will step out of your TV/computer screen and into your home if you ask them and where the skies are always sunny, it never rains (except at night when everyone's asleep), it never gets too cold or too hot, where everyone is nice, where you can't walk ten feet down the street without finding dropped money, where nobody's ever broke, and where Samsung Galaxies program themselves and come in any color you can imagine! :trollestia:

405618 I don't think that's how things work where I live. Believe me, I tried putting money in there, all it did was break the money.

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