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A group for the child of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, whether you believe Lil' Cheese is a he, she, in between, or something else.

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Heh =3 Which one: Pony or EG Trixie? :3

Also, I like this current transformation. It feels like I´m actually talking to Trixie.

Okay, now that I think about it I will, because you´re a good person, and might read a few as well.

Please though? I really do want the thumbs up ratio to stay so well in the lead for my stories.... ;-;

Um, I usually only read stories rated E for Everyone, but nothing against you. I could do that to any stories with the E rating that you write.

It's fine...

Btw... don't suppose you could thumb up each of my stories for me? Just so the thumb up can maintain a strong lead in most of my stories of course. X3

I´m sorry! I meant I´m not offended. I didn´t mean to offend you.

Please don't say that.... >_<

Ok. Just a though baloon meant to be popped.

I'm not doing that. :P

Maybe sometime you could have an April Fools ´I´m not transforming´ thing then, if you want.

I liked them too. I was going to mention them, but I thought that would be like this:
Twilight, you can only read 10 books today.
*Hides some under wings and uses spell to hide more*
Are you reading too many?

Noice X3

What about the Seaponies? :3

Probably the Luna´s, reformed Chrysalis, and some other small characters like EG Silverspoon (she´s not a bully!)

Heh. Well I have a set schedule for this year, but if a leap year ever occurs with the day on a Monday in February, I will make sure that will be possible. ;3

Btw, seeing as you like how I transform so much..... which of my transformations do you like the most from me? :3

Nice. Maybe you could be an OC on the biggest day of the century: Leap day, 2020.

Thanks X3

Monday January 20th, 2020 was easily the best highlight for me as I was able to obtained my 100th Transformation overall X3

  • Viewing 12 - 31 of 31
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