A young filly is found dead at the bottom of a well. The only witness to this crime? Young miss Dinky Doo child of Ditzy Doo. Private takes it upon himself to protect the young filly from harm and when the death is revealed to be a murder...Private is back on the case. With the help of his new-found allys Private hopes to get to the bottom of this. But as the case goes on and the stakes get higher...Private will have to make a decision as to whether or not solving a case is worth sacrificing a life.

*Warning* This story contains content that some might find controversial. Keep hate comments out of the comment box and let's all be mature about this okay?

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Aww, at least he's made friends.
The one thing that popped into my head when he mentioned Public school though.
"Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Shit.":fluttercry:
Obvious bullying going to be going on there. It'll be fun to see what happens though.

1092644Tailspin isn't the kind of pony to let bullying run free, you'll see that in chapter 2

Aww, poor Cardinal. I wonder if it's because she was hanging out with Dinky and her mom did this...
Or is Cardinal a colt?

Could she have done it? Maybe she saw her daughter had dyslexia, and thought she turned into a "thing" like Dinky and killed her. Or maybe this is part of a conspiracy...:unsuresweetie:

1106294The plot only thickens even more from here :raritywink:

"Then there's the case that breaks you. The one that keeps you up at night. The one that the other officers talk about behind your back."

Private better haul his ass over to Ditzy's if he wants to save her! Or is she talking about Dinky. Hmmm...

1121599When you hear about the case...you'll understand why it keeps private up at night

So...Glimmer of hope...made the olive oil to kill the filly...since abortion is like killing a child...right..?
:pinkiesick:MIND OVERLOAD:pinkiesick:

:raritycry:Nooo Private! Just to ask, are you thinking of ending this series? Or are there more cases on the way? Hopefully the latter, loving this, and still trying to get you more commenters, even though it doesnt seem to be working :pinkiesad2:

1129287I still have an epilogue to write remember :raritywink:

Another case closed! And Trollestia strikes!:trollestia: Its good to see them back together, whats the next case about?

1129993As for ze next case, It'll have the following characters: :twilightsmile::raritystarry::moustache: Fancy Pants and Fleur.

does Fleur mean something in another language

i know but i was just wondering if it was originated in another language

i know who she is i just wondered if her name meant something in another language or originated form another language

1161300Fleur is french for "Flower"

okay thanks i thought it was French for something and wanted to be sure thank you

by the way great series irate it 5 dashes :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

1161311What did you like about the series? I'm looking to see where I can improve for the next three coming up

i dont know i just like it the stories are written like real mysteries, the characters a greatly written, the oc's are great.
i cant see anything wrong about it so far but ill be on the look out

i will say this its always good to include some of privates backstory

You're a mmmmmBeyutch who likes to mmmmmmBreak Twilight's heart?

We'll that's great, cause you ain't gon' be seeing Twilight . . .


1531090Tollestia strikes again..:ajbemused:

Sweet. But my inner story writer says the next chapter is about to get real with diamond tiara is involved

Im sensing father knew that cardinal wasnt perfect wanted to get her the help she needed and Dawnbird in a fit of rage killed him

If he breaks Twilights heart again he must like bananas

Oh, no. Dawnbird can't be the murderer! She, like Cardinal, is too perfect! *Cough*Sarcasm*Cough*

Well, fuck. What does the rock throwy person mean???

I looked over at Dinky who was talking excitedly with Tailspin about the latest episode of “My Little Human”. I still didn’t understand the appeal of a show meant for little fillies and why Tailspin has developed such an interest in it.


LOL turning to a donkey and saying no offense xD

Great chapters and great length keep it up!

She ain't lying about the moon xD
Lots of space for one pony there xD

If she even sneezes we’ll be there with a tissue and a pair of hoofcuffs.

I know that's a quote from The Incredibles, isn't it?

Or hate them.
Or not know if he likes them or not.

I know shes upset and all but damn shes a bitch.

I read the one where they got married and personally i think that should of been bushed to a later proboblay season 3 case 13:twilightsheepish:

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