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Colt Detective is the story of Clue Chaser.

After his father committed suicide, he was taken in by his uncle Time Turner and now lives in Ponyville, trying to adjust to his new life there. But Clue is convinced that his father was murdered, even though no one believes him, which weighs down on him considerably.

Thankfully, with the help of some friends--including the imaginary voice of his hero, Phillip Finder, protagonist of A.K. Yearling's Equestria Noire series--he'll find his way and gain the experience and knowledge he needs to become a true detective and maybe even find his father's killer.

Inspired by: Case Closed

Note: This is my first detective story, and I will try to make the cases make sense and work on them in fine detail. But this is my first detective story, so be gentle as you read it. And please don't read a chapter, then comment about a mistake, then keep reading the chapter, then comment again. Please read the whole chapter first, then comment, please.

Jason Monroe

Big thanks to PonyJosiah13 for letting me use Phillip Finder as a character mention and tribute in my story. If you're looking for an amazing detective story, be sure you check out his profile and have a look at his stories about Phillip Finder and Daring Do which was the first time I got introduced to the character. But there is a lot of great detective stories there, so go check him out! :eeyup:

And also big thanks to Hoodwinked MCShelster for the amazing cover art! Really love how it turned out! ^^

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its never easy to process such things. But, i really liked how respectful Dinky was despite her young age

Very nice! it kinda reminded me of L.A. Noire, ah, good times!

Though, something I noticed

"Oh, yeah, here you!"

Was this meant to be "here you go"?

Scootaloo was still in the bathroom. She what? Unlocked the door only to throw the key out next to the main entrance?" No one answered, so Chaser continued. "No, the thief was already in the classroom when Scootaloo went to the bathroom."

I could be wrong but that She what looks kinda out of place

Detective Conan, eh? Loved that show! and I always like a good story with Dinky! How old is she here?

"Whoa!!" He fell back onto his flank, surrounded by these three giggling fillies. "I didn't ask for a group hug!"

Pray you don’t realize how many colts would like to have your situation...

Very well done so far my friend! You’ve surprised me with the rating to be sure, but I can only assume the details of that will come later in the story.

Either way I wish you luck and creative thoughts in this endeavor. :raritywink:

There's only one truth! Is Time Turner going to be like Prof agasa? Hmm, would be funny if he uses Twilight as his voice for deduction since adult ponies don't really listen to foals.

Hiding behind a wall after putting Twilight to sleep to use her mouth with his voice changer lol. Would he need powered horseshoes though to buck balls into culprit's faces?

I never expected to see this, and it's going quite well! A cool start, can't wait to see what shenanigans Clue Chaser gets up to in the future!


Hahahaha yesss, a wrist watch blowgun that can make Twilight fall asleep. If they asked, the reason is: Twilight can solve this case with her eyes closed.

Also, I can’t wait for the next chapter! ^_^

I saw the words “Colt Detective” and thought immediately of an Encyclopedia Brown in Equestria crossover. To my disappointment, it’s just Time Turner’s nephew. :rainbowlaugh:

Still, nice concept! May read it when my backlog is gone. :twilightsmile:

So ...
Chaser - Conan
Time Turner - Prof Agasa
Dinky - Ai Haibara/Ran
CMC - the Detective Boys
Twilight - a more competent Kogoro

While I like the comparison, you are off the mark with some of them. Twilight don't have a major part in this, and Chaser won't be using other ponies to pretend to solve the crimes. He will do it himself, even if he is not allowed to, and get into a lot of trouble afterwards. :P

ah, dang. Sorry it is your story. I do hope Doc still contribute with gadgets for him

Okay, got my attention. Carry on.

Can't have a detective story without a Sherlock Holmes moment. Nice work.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k41t3wDovj0 During intense action scenes when Chaser tries subduing culprits. You're welcome

This is off to a great start. But first off. I am mad. Not at you writer. You are doing great. I am mad at the police! It doesn't matter if you already put it down as a suicide! Even if there is a small sliver of a chance that it could be something else then you have a right to investigate! Even if it's coming from a kid. The kid is his son! He'd know more about his father and how he was off the clock more then anyone else. If he says he wouldn't kill himself then he wouldn't!

Also I love Detective Conan it's my fave anime and manga of all time. This is gonna be a wild ride.

Chase.. Damn. I hope you overcome this hump.

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