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A mysterious letter from Princess Celestia prompts a broken Private Eye to venture to Cloudsdale. While there Private gets caught up in a conspiracy involving mobsters, a lost friendship, and a love put in grave danger. With the help of a newfound ally Rainbow Dash, Private hopes to solve this case...but can he do it without Twilight at his side?

This Fan Fiction is dedicated to: Darkskyz, for all the encouragement you've given me throughout this series. This series wouldn't have reached this point without you.

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Wow man, thanks for the dedication. That's awesome.
Have you requested/found some cover art yet? Posted it in to EQD?
Onto the story here though. A very interesting concept to see what will happen at the Wonderbolts show. Next chapter looks very promising :yay:

1045155No word on the cover yet

Races rigged? Spitfire killed him? Or did she do it in self defence? Also I submitted your story to /r/mylittlefanfic so you can get more people following hopefully. Another great chapter :scootangel:

Gasp! Shock! Horror! Assassination! Evil plots! Secret lovers! Wingboners...uh, yay! I feel dirty...
Anyway another great, exciting and funny chapter!:pinkiehappy:

1057623sorry for making you feel dirty:fluttershysad:

Ahhh, the LA NOIRE references!:pinkiegasp: Phelps Ave, KGBL scene.
I'm sure Private will find his way out of this jam...or maybe they all die in a nuclear explosion.:eeyup:

1068434This is LA Noire not Fallout

Looks like this blackmail has caused Grimwing

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


To get a whole lot more grim.


1073973you couldn't resist could you...:facehoof:

And she would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids! Wow, you have to use that at some point. Also hooray for Toy Story Reference.

Since I'm here I forgot to mention something on your last blog. Children may not understand some things. Think back to when you were 7 or 8 (approx age of the schoolhouse fillies imo) what did you understand? Most likely they will all understand death but be shaken at the prospect. Some might not understand sex but for some reason I think Scootaloo does, kinda like the Kenny McCormick of the group. Take all these into account.

Point taken also thanks for the compliments

1079503Though I am probably not going to use the scooby doo reference anytime soon...way too cliche:eeyup:

Aww, that AN brought a tear to my eye. Anyway, another great case put to a close! I wonder will RD help Scoots to fly now?
Looking forward to case 5, if you need any ideas just ask.

I would have a scene similar to this one with scoots but I just hadn't introduced her into the story yet. As for case 5...it'll star this gal-->:derpytongue2:

1085658 Will it star the CMC, since you said children are involved? And what will be the crime?

1085663I'm not sure whether I want to star the CMC, really its the other children who'll have a bigger role like dinky. As for the crime...well let's just say it's all about this one character and her vendetta against Derpy

1085730 Wow, the last time I read a story with Dinky was Gentle Red, a Derpy x Mac fic. She can be an entertaining character, so looking forward to it! Any ideas when it will be released? (no rush)

1086750I'm thinking of getting the first chapter done sometime this week

1086778 Okay. I've got Pizza, popcorn, 24 pack of cola, chocolate bars and crisps.

1086812Do you have any ideas for other cases? I have 3 so far set in stone but I would love to hear more ideas

1088191 I am beginning to see Private will get caught in a love triangle kinda thing. I'm guessing he will develop feelings for RD, but he also has feelings for Twilight and Fluttershy.

Random Speculation
Maybe a case where Trixie returns and frames twilight for a case, and Private swoops to the rescue, rekindling his relationship with her. I understand you may have already rekindled their friendship for another case though.

Angel Bunny goes missing yada yada yada kinda like the Sweetie Belle case, although the ending will strengthen the bond between Fluttershy and Private

Actual Cases
The Heist
The CMC come across a robbery, and since they are the only witnesses, have to help Private solve the case. You know what this mean... CUTIE MARK CRUSADER DETECTIVES! YAY!

Party Hard
Pinkie Pie wakes up after a wild night of partying next to a dead body, making her chief suspect. All evidence is pointing to Pinkie, but is there more to this case than meets the eye?

Luna Games
Photographs and videos show Luna horribly torturing, dismembering and ultimately killing foals. It doesn't seem like there's a shred of evidence that can save Luna now as she is on "Moon Row" (Death Row, just...ON THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAAAAA!!) but can when Private uncovers evidence of changeling magic, it opens up a door to an underground rebel group, who aim to take out the Royal Family by framing them all. Has Private bitten off more than he can chew? Torture may have to be toned down to reach the T rating.

Not much is known about the filly Scootaloo. Heck, the other CMC haven't even been to her house once! Scootaloo has always shown up to school with cuts and bruises, blaming it on falling off her scooter. But as the damage seems to get worse and worse Private and Rainbow Dash are called to investigate a domestic disturbance while passing by a residential area. When they enter the home they find a couple trading blows-and a severely beaten Scootaloo in the corner. With the parents in custody, what will Rainbow do for her Number One Fan?

Sorry if these fic ideas are getting a little gritty, I'm tired and bored, and my mind comes up with these scenarios.

1088480I already have relationships lined up for fluttershy and Rainbow, so the only love triangle that will spout will be between Twilight and Larksong. But some of your case ideas have merit, I was considering how to bring pinkie back into the equation. Also cmc helping private in a case would be sooo hilarious, all the possiblities those angels can get into :scootangel:

1088531 My only regret is joining this too late to see the beginning because honestly i would've loved to support you from beginning to end. :pinkiesmile:

1582996Hey it dosen't matter when you showed up to the party just so long as you have fun during it

1583121 i could never be too proud of someone like you so humble and so creative :ajsmug: :eeyup:

1584981I'm not that creative, I just did something nopony really tried before

1584995 you were creative enough in my opinion and also great how you incorporate ides from your fans aka Dark Skyz and i love it most ponies don't do that
:pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

1585014In all honesty, I never would've gotten to where I am if it wasn't for Darkskyz, this series honestly would've ended after case 5 if he didn't show up and say how awesome the series is.

1585022 then i guess if dark skyz ever stop supporting for whatever reason i'll gladly try and step up to support you because recently i been going through some hard times and your stories make me all giddy insinde for some reason so expect me to be with you at least till the end of this amazing series (hopefully no time soon) :pinkiesmile:

Looks like a big secret.. just left the nest.

1788517Darn it! I can never get rid of that joke!

Don't look at me; you started it. :raritywink:

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Its a trap for rainbow since she will have a conflict of loyalties for twilight and Private eye

Awesome. Spitfire with a rap for murder against her with dash going to try and do almost what twilight did

Not quite yet. Trace it back by who has the means to get it and who has the motive to want to use on him

Meh good enough

Looks like privates case of Grim

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Has been doubled

This series of stories... nay Epics has my utmost commendations good sir

This may or may not be relevant to my interests. Aw, screw it. It most definately is!

Laughed my proverbial ass off off at the implied "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!" quote. Also at the wing-boner thing.

I dragged a yelling and squirming Dash out of the crime scene. She was shouting many words at the detective involving his mother and something about elder berries

you rock:yay:

The roygbiv maned Pegasus flushed a little

More like ROYGBV. She doesn't really have indigo in her mane. Six is sufficient to describe a rainbow anyway. I always felt like they tacked on indigo just to make it 7.
They wanted 7 colours to match the 7 notes on the musical chromatic scale. It would be more accurate to tack on cyan (between green and blue) than indigo (between blue and violet) resulting in ROYGCBV which admittedly is not as mnemonically catchy.

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