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Beauty really is only skin deep in the world of fashion. One of Photo Finish's models goes missing. It's up to Private to find her and bring her home. But many obstacles are in Private's path, cunning deals, blackmail, and even a broken heart are all present here. Rarity is at Private's side in the hopes of solving this case...but something seems to be plauguing the Fashionata's mind...will Private be able to solve the case and find out the truth before somepony gets caught in this conspiracy?

Chapters (6)
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Hey mate! Glad to have other Pony Noir up! Starlight Over Detrot is mine and if you get the chance, go read Equestria Noir.


1380005Hey thanks man, glad to see this kind of story getting more recognition

1380047 Small genre. Gotta stick together. I'll throw you a plug during my next blog post!


1380056Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! You are so awesome to the core!!!

Now I am imagining that Photo Finish PMV where "she will make you a star" and Private is strapped to a chair while being doused in make up. What a disturbing image!

Speaking of Private and Images, have you made an OC for him on the Pony Creator yet? If so I would love to see it!

1380268I haven't yet....mainly because the pony creator dosen't have the Fedora I'm looking for...


1380696This isn't going to end well...:facehoof:

Do you think I could tag along on this rump?

You mean romp, right?

I love the idea of the story, and how it seems to be going so far. Having said that, it might be a good idea to have somepony edit it. There are some spelling and punctuation mistakes. The most glaring one in the description, opsticles should be obstacles. Overall, I am enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to reading more. :pinkiehappy:

1384819Really editing is an ongoing process. I usually correct mistakes myself where I find them. I haven't found anybody really willing to proofread my stuff though

I want to see where this is going :)


It's nice to see more backround ponies in the fic, I feel Octavia will be a mysterious character who will pop up a bit during the case, giving Private hints and stuff. Also, I'm guessing Private is going to be seriously tempted by Rarity throughout this case. Damn her and her man-stealing techniques!

1386242Octy is going to have a lot to do with Equestria Noir...let's just say she does stand a lot to gain by helping Private out...

1386246 A sort of payback for helping her with her mother's death? It kinda reminds me of Batman where Gordon puts his coat over Bruce's shoulders to try and calm him at the police station.

1386257Maybe...but the identity of her mother may surprise you...

Oh yay! Can't wait for the next chapter. On a side note, I'm not a brony I'm a pegasister:rainbowwild: :pinkiehappy:

What's Rarity up to? I know I should probably be more concerned with the thickening plot, what with the whole twist ending to the chapter, but for some reason I'm more concerned with a single line of dialogue.

Oh well! Despite my odd priorities, the story here does truly excite me.

1387106At least I didn't make the mistake of calling you a he...

1384819Check that I did call you a he..:facehoof: sorry so used to dealing with Bronies all the time

I was wondering when this "Vice" would come up again. I had suspected there was corruption involved, if for other reason then the fact there are references to LA Noir all over the place, but Shinebadge? That caught me completely off guard.

1396634The whole thing was a very nasty situation. One of these days I might do a "Case 0" To fully explain all the crap that went down. Nobody came out unscathed from Vice

"Case 0"... Well as long as it's not like Lesson Zero...:pinkiecrazy:

Damn, that was a pretty shitty ending for Private. Damn corrupt assholes. I can see he will bounce back though, he always does.:pinkiehappy:

I've started watching a Lets Play of Heavy Rain and played through L.A Noir twice, so my detective skills are sharpening!


shit, its overflowing...

Looks like Manehatten has a new protector.


The Batmare.


Would Spike and Rarity work? While it seems unlikely since Spike is still a baby, in pony years he's more than likely a teenager, considering twilight got him somewhere between age 5-7.


1401613I warned him it would get cluttered...:facehoof:

1401634 Ach! Cough! Cough! I'm okay... *collapses



At least it’s better than Rainbow’s running gag. I feel its run its course…
Wait no! That wasn’t meant to be-
Damn it…

Even when Rainbow isn't here, that meme is going to haunt Private XD

She imitated Photo’s Berman accent


Nope, can't see an equine pun there.


Maybe you should nail that thing to the wall, and I mean with about a million seven inch nails, or something.

1403484It isn't a equine pun, it's a combination of Berlin and Germany...I have very little imagination...

I wouldn't say that, you seem pretty creative to me.

Well the "fannon" Germany is "Germaney" Yes. Ger-Mane-y. Just like Italian was supposed to be Istallion. :P

Woohoo! New chapter!:yay:

When I saw the Bitallion accent, I got excited thinking it was Potso. Grimwing was an absoloute badass though.
ON WITH THE EPILOGUE! /raises cider mug

1424024Althought it would've been extreamly hilarious for Potso to bust out a shotgun I wanted you guys to see that Grimwing is willing to get his claws (or beak in this case) dirty.

Ah, recording the conversation, classic. Also, nice touch bringing in Grimwing, I'd actually forgotten about him.

1424636I thought this would be the perfect time to show just how capable he is

D'aww, the epilogues are always heart warming :raritycry:

In other news, Psycho Me is now nailing up the conspiracy board again, hopefully it will stay up, he's added more nails.

ONWARDS TO THE SIDE STORY! /raises cider mug

I always love some heat warming in the morning.

1424653 omg red vs blue reference to bad rvb recently came to an end :pinkiesad2: but on a good note they are still a company :yay:

Good luck my friend. Know that i feel your pain since i had 3 older sisters and they liked to torture me with dress up and makeup

Good luck with dealing with Rarity and her problems about Spike which she will ask Private about. Or at least that is what i think is going to happen


In Shinebadge's Face

Well 2 things. One Awesome chapter and some explanation on the mysterious power Private has.
2 Someone better pick up that phone


Because I called it


:rainbowlaugh: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! i LOOOOOOVE the rairity and fluttershy gala dress reference!

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