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Maybe I'll upload something here. Maybe I won't. I haven't written fanfiction in a loooooong time.


Hoity Toity is a stallion of few words, save for those that he uses to criticize his workers with. He designs custom outfits for his models, keeps a trained eye on them and holds his emotions rightfully hidden. He's seen his fair share of beauty, of stallions and mares constantly competing to strive to the limit of their pretty looks and youthful faces. Control is key if he wants to thrive in the business that he's ensnared in. "Never fall for the models that you design for", as the saying goes. It's his mantra, the only philosophy that keeps his lonely heart far away from his work.

((M/M Shipping
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Mfw: "Breakfast with Fancy and Fleur..."
So happy. While he may be a snob, I love Blueblood. Slight racism included. OH RIGHT, THERE'S MORE!

That was great, if painful. Certainly one of the more slappable Bluebloods I've ever seen.

One thing though, "bubbling coffee"?

Gah, there's an gif in my head of Fancypants poking Hoity with a stick from across the table until he spills the beans. I want it to exist.
We should take Blueblood, and push him into daycare! Seriously he's like a hilarious, over-sized child. "I was bored." :rainbowlaugh:
It's the rare time I read anything, yet alone a shipping fic, and all I can say is this story has all my want. I can see why you enjoyed this so much. :pinkiehappy:

I agree. I demand a poking gif!
Blueblood is just... gah! He's just so much fun! So much fun to write out! I LOVE writing out childish spoiled brats! And I'm so glad that you like it. :pinkiehappy:

Good! That's what I was going for!
That must have come from one of my tipsier writing sessions. Let me fix that. Thanks for pointing it out, yus.

The second half of the third chapter I was thinking "Kiss! Kiss!"

Fancy is truly the best best friend ever. Anyone willing to be cool with a nonstandard orientation and then offer to deliver oiled up sexy men for consideration... Well that's a good guy.

Oh my. I guess I don't need to make my usual yaoi comment here. But I will anyhow. "Now make them kiss!" :raritystarry:

I'm writing something d33p and m3aningfu1 h3r guiz! Go get yer cheap yaoiz somwhere elselololol
...Yeah, this is pretty much candy for your brain. :moustache: Tooth-rotting sweetness.

Well, he's a rich bastard. Rich bastards tend to get bored, especially the older ones.
I like to think that Fancy thinks of himself as a good matchmaker when he isn't being an oblivious prick to Fleur.

I've seen a few Hoity/blueblood pictures but I wasn't sure anyone would actually make a fic for them. Its cute so far and I'm curious to see what blueblood's perspective on hoity is so far. He seems to find him quirky with the whole shades indoors thing.I've always though the same whenever I see people wear big boots with fur even when winter is long gone. Keep up the good work

Dude, you pump these things out. Lol, and I found this gif for you. (not related to the story)


Awww, but he seems to have a fairly ok relationship with Fleur. I've had him ignore Fleur far worse in my own stories. This is a beautiful tale of love between them compared to that. And as for Hoity... now I'm picturing oiled-up Blueblood.

GNG, you are awesome. AWESOME. :pinkiehappy: Also, I hope you end up making that Snips and Snails gay romance story.

Why thank you! It certainly is a weird character trait, but canon... I have to say that it's a little awkward to try and explain, but hopefully I'm doing a passable job.

When I write, I write fast.
... -places gif into gif hoard-

Oiled-up Blueblood? Not sure if want...



Dat telegram. Oh, FP. :unsuresweetie:
I wonder when, and if, Hoity gets the roster of potentials, Blueblood will be on it? Some creepy foreshadowing.
A drunk Hoity sounds like a fun Hoity, especially if Blueblood's going to trail him. Beans have the potential to be spilt.
This is the only update I'm actually reading, and it never fails to make me smile throughout.

If you'll excuse me I have to look for pictures of Blueblood in lingerie.

Don't search on Google, whatever you do. Searching up Blueblood's name and 'mlp' tends to give out some pretty irreversible imagery. And Hoity has it even worse. :raritydespair:
I'm glad you're liking it! :heart:

In what way is he cobalt? He's grey. Slate's a nice fancy term. But cobalt? Really?

Excellent as ever. Blueblood is an insufferable clod, Hoity islong-suffering and conflicted, and Fancy Pants is charmingly unaware of things :scootangel: I love it.

I honestly always saw him as blue, I swear. Maybe a darker shade than cobalt, admittedly, but I never really saw him as grey.

'Insufferable clod'... I like that. It fits so well. :rainbowkiss:

Finally! I made it to read this! :rainbowdetermined2:

This sounds like something I say almost all of the time: "Oh, I'm rambling again....." :twilightsheepish:
On to Chapter 2-------->

Hmm, the idea of m/m is starting to lighten up for me. I shall read on tomorrow.

Edit: Or s/s, for those who MUST use the word stallion.
m/m (mare/mare)
s/s (stallion/stallion)
f/f (filly/filly)
c/c (colt/colt) Wait, that is one that I have NEVER seen! It probably is here somewhere...
What about dragons? Some writer needs to shine some light on that. Ginger? That should be your next ship if you do any of the such. (md/md, md/fd, fd/fd)

I am trying to find some wonderful words to give in response to at least look smart...it was like trying to climb a 50 story building, insurmountable...

Well, now I am fully interested in this story. I think I did see some "," instead of "." accidents in some of the chapters, but that might just be me.
Why must the two symbols be right beside each other? :rainbowwild:

This has some really nice diction. Beautiful. :raritystarry:

Any news on an update?

Yeah, I can't say I'd mind hanging out with the sort of dude who could whip up a harem of young men for me in the span of a few days :rainbowwild: .

You've actually managed to write Blueblood in such a way that doesn't leave me completely hating him.

I'm... kind of stunned :rainbowderp: .

Sure, he's still a jerk, but your version of him seems like... I dunno... just less of a jerk. Less of a jerk and more than a little mischievous. Even better is the fact that it doesn't really feel out of character either.

Yes, Blueblood, chase him down and reveal to him your true feelings that neither of you have even developed at this point in the story! :trollestia:

This whole story has been quite enjoyable, actually. While some of the ideas took me as being really strange, like Hoity and Photo being siblings, they began to feel natural as I read on. And the characterization was great, making me enjoy the exchanges between the cast. Honestly, I wish for you to continue this.

I really like this building plot line. to be honest I nearly forgot who Hoity Toity was (took me a good 10sec to remember). but I have to say I really love how you've portrayed him here. his orientation threw me for a curveball though, I just did not see that coming (not that I have a problem with it. I don't care, if that's what makes them happy). I think what made it a real kick to gut was that niether Fancy nor Fleur reacted to him indirectly saying he was gay; they just took it as it was. I found that incredibly sweet, it made me love Fancy and Fleur so much more :rainbowkiss: In sweet and elite Fancy was shown as a rather accepting pony, he's wasn't prejudice at all; he takes people as they are. the comedic side that you added to his personality was great, really rounded his character and made him so much more likeable ;w; like seriously I wish this guy were my best friend haha. now, Hoity, gee what a character; I can't help myself feel sorry for him, he feels so conflicted, but I don't know what. got a basic idea, but still, there's this nagging feeling that not everything is as it seems, so off to the next chapter I go. This is a really great story, I'm absolutely loving it. I love it when people take background characters and make fanfics that are so out of the norm for whats usually written about them; to me those are the best type of FanFics :twilightsmile:

I cannot even describe how much this character resembles my boyfriend. I hope sometime that you will continue the story. It is well done, and the characterization is pretty.

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