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Maybe I'll upload something here. Maybe I won't. I haven't written fanfiction in a loooooong time.


A unicorn looks down upon an ant and thinks about his doom. What is a spark of light in a form so tiny and lowly? Its growth is but insignificant to his own, so why watch it? Why not just walk on down his own path to survival?

((This is a Lipogram, a story that does not contain the letter 'e' at any point
Constructive feedback is very much welcomed))

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This is in response to a challenge that Bronymaster put out in the Author Support group. I decided to take a few hours and try my hoof at it. Don't take this too seriously.

I shall read, and find the missing letter a mystery!
Damn continuity, damn it to echo side!

*Edit*: I see what you did there...

(Continuity: Definition 3)


This is such a simple idea, and yet, it's so enticing!

Wow, this must have been really hard and annoying to do.

*Whistles* Seems like it must've been a real pain in the ass to do... I think I might need a bit of clarification though... So, this is the end of the world, and a young unicorn is watching an ant during his final moments?

Anyway... This is a nice piece. Deserves my thumb.

Good show! Challenge accepted and well met, I must say!

Magnifying glass, dead ant... hm.

Why is the Pink Panther theme racing through my head? Who dared thumb down without leaving a bloody reason?? Grrr! Where's a Screwloose emoticon when you really need it?? Woof!

Ahem. I'm in a hyper mood apparently. Sorry.


What the...? You did this sad, reflective story that actually manages to have a measure of depth, without using the letter 'e'? That borders on crazy, but in a good way. Definitely a thumb up.

I'm trying to mirror the story by not adding that which you did not, and God damn is it hard. I'm doubtful that last portion of this quotation was a grammatical win, nor this.
Screw that! I need the letter 'e'! Holy hell, how did you manage that for a thousand words?! :trixieshiftleft:
I did actually feel a twinge of sadness for the ant and pony when the hoof was brought down, yet another example of how amazing your work is! You excel at emotive pieces and writing in general- which, like most authors on this site, I am envious of. Have the obligatory thumb and fave. :raritywink:

...Holy crap. Holy freaking crap.

You have met my challenge excellently, good sir. You somehow made an amazing story without the letter "e". Gosh dang, I didn't think anyone would actually attempt that challenge.

Bravo, good sir. Bravo.

Congrats bro

I tried before, but it was horrible looking

It was just an exercise, really.

It was. :raritycry: But it got easier as I went on.

It's whatever you want to think, really. I would have put more clarification in, but I just didn't feel like it. :unsuresweetie:

Naw, all my stories have at least one lower thumb. Majority rules though, right?

The concept has been done to death as it is, but I thought that it would provide for an easy base to build from. Thanks!

This stupid story is a grammar nazi's nightmare, but I don't care. To make it completely correct would make the whole thing even more difficult. Still, you flatter me. Have a heart.jpg :heart:

I couldn't resist taking it down, and the whole experience really helped serve to improve my range.
So yeah, thanks for issuing it :pinkiehappy:

I'd also like to say that I didn't spot a single grammar error.

Also, I will be issuing more challenges in the future. They may or may not be as difficult as this one, but you will get them. I'll be happy to see you participate. It actually confuses me that you never participated in the prompts.

I wanted to participate, but none of the prompts really gave me any sparkling ideas, and I didn't want to post something bland and uninspired. :ajsleepy:
I can at least promise you that, now that I have time I'll be able to force myself to answer to one. I guess I'm just not good at them. :twistnerd:

We try to leave them as open to creativity as possible, as we do give a score based on creativity.

I know :fluttercry:
I promise I'll do my best next time!

719035 I know, I was just kidding. :twilightsmile:

(Echo Side)


You're right of course. Majority does speak volumes. I guess I just... mm.

I just don't see anything worth thumbing down. That's a great undertaking met masterfully, and it just... it just doesn't deserve... arrgh!

Go soak, nasty red line! Soak!

:twilightangry2: - Love and tolerance, love and tolerance...

Um wow.

How long did it take you to write this, and how many strands of hair were pulled from your head in the process?

I would have fallen flat on my face if I attempted this. I think I'll stick to sad, thank you.

Four hours including much-needed breaks, actually. :rainbowkiss:

Honestly, it wasn't as hard as I kept going. You get into a sort of pace with this kind of story, as tedious as it is. Thanks for the comment!

885672 sure thing, sure thing.

I'll come back later and read more from you, promise. :ajsmug:

Wish I had this mastery over language you have. My first two stories came out alright, but the third bombed terribly. You, however, can take a simple concept like an ant and turn it into a masterpiece that Shakespeare would be envious of. If I had a cutie mark, it'd be a train wreck. Yours, a golden pencil.

A fan

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