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Doctor Frasier Mane is a psychiatrist living in Canterlot with his ex-cop father Martin and live-in maid, Daphne. He has a radio show, the Dr. Frasier Mane Show, in which he dispenses advice to the mentally-troubled denizens of Canterlot.

He and his brother Niles attempt to maintain a good relationship among the Canterlot upper-class, and hilarity ensues.

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Sweet! A Frasier crossover!:raritystarry:

There could have been a bit more action as opposed to being as dialogue heavy as it was, but the personalities are close to the show and the dialogue is hilarious.

2741534 Thanks! Even though it says complete, I might release more episodes/chapters in the future depending on the reception this gets. Those might be a bit more action-heavy.

It doesn't have to be so much action; even simple things like what characters in the show do, such as walking to the counter to order coffee at the coffee shop, the hand motions they made, facial expressions... these are small but if done right can be as hilarious. Matter of fact, that's sometimes as much the humor as dialogue can be.

Dangit, only three more words and this can be featured! :fluttercry:

Add three more words. Make it 4k for feature. Lel.

2741709 Done.

So you can't get into the feature box without 4k words? Thanks for telling me!

Since I'm a big fan of Fleur, I applaud how you wrote her character here: Elegant, yet slightly neurotic. And the whole slip-and-slide dance floor was hilariously priceless. The comedic banter/dialogue between all characters involved was brilliantly done.

I'm following this story, in hopes you continue it. Because I'll nag you if you don't... :pinkiecrazy:


A Fraiser fic. Nice!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks for the fave!

Given how much fun I had writing this, and the reception it's gotten so far, I'm very strongly considering continuing it.

Hooray! :yay:

And would you believe that even though I've never watched an episode of the actual show, I know who all the characters are? I scare myself sometimes...:rainbowderp:

Okay, I LOVED Frasier growing up. And I love this crossover for catching the silly spirit of it all. But I'm wondering, maybe you could do just a chapter on all the crazy ponies calling Frasier on his show? Heck, maybe just a chapter for every three. That would be interesting to read. ^^

I would have liked to have seen a bit more action. This was very dialog heavy, but the dialog fit the personalities very well!

Hey baby I hear the ponies callin', tossed salad and scrambled eggs!


Why don't you have more followers? this is the second of your stories I loved! Well, I'll give you one more, at least.

2854714 Thanks for the follow! As for why I don't have more, you got me there! Popularity is a fickle thing, I guess. :trixieshiftright:

Worked very well as a pastiche of a typical Fraiser episode, ponies or no ponies. Very nice!:rainbowlaugh:

Sadly, there's a hierarchy on this site, where if you don't write what people want to read, you won't get noticed. It's quite pathetic, but unfortunately it's how it goes. That, and I think most of the "popular" writers on the site either have tons of experience with writing (years of it), or have college degrees (Pen Stroke and Aegis Shield are prime examples).

I also put your story into one of my "favorites" boxes, in hopes that the meager amounts of followers I have, as well as those who visit my page, may perhaps give your amazing story a read. I like to do PR when I can.

Definitely should have been longer like the fraiser episodes but still fun hey check this pic from deviantart

3312769 I love that drawing.

Yeah, I think I may at some point continue this crossover, because it has a lot of potential. If I ever do, though, it will probably be next month after I have One-Shotober behind me.

3312789 any chance u can keep Eddie as a dog cause applejack has a dog winona

Frasier was always one of my favorite shows. I'm glad someone thought to make a pony fic out of it.

6483638 It was pretty awesome, huh? Given that Tall Tale in the Cake Chronicles is loosely based on Seattle in the 1990's, I might just have to sneak in a few Frasier references (along with references to grunge, and the rise of Seattle mega-corporations Microsoft and Starbucks :twilightsmile:)

6483705 I always enjoyed the witty humor of the show. And I'd watch Friends for the goofy stuff.

More "My Little Frasier" please??
I love this story.

9521175 Thanks for the fave and the watch!

Unfortunately, due to real life time constraints of my career, I'm not writing that much fanfiction anymore. I have plenty of projects, including this one, that I'd love to pursue, but I'm a CPA and there aren't enough hours in the day, I'm afraid :fluttershyouch:

One project that I'm still working on is The Glimmer Dilemma, which I'd please encourage you to follow.

I plan to start or continue other projects. One idea that I have is a serialized story called "Magic Is Power," about a unicorn outcast who trains in magic to be powerful, but doesn't really read any magic books so it's all about experiments and shenanigans.

Another is a one off short story called "The Beat Menace" which follows Vinyl Scratch as she tracks down a mysterious beast who's stealing music all across Equestria.

And maybe someday I'll make it back to My Little Frasier after all!

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