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"It's simple. We kill the Mykan." ~Johoker


On the Day of Leaping's Birthday she was gifted Two Awesome Drawings~ · 4:08am Sep 30th, 2014

So Friday rolled around and just lookie what a friend decided to draw for me for my birthday.

[9/26/2014 10:21:44 PM] Mondai Shunfunktaketsu: Happy Birthday Leaping part 1
(Heil Leaping!)

Happy Birthday Leaping part 2

(Dat plot doh)

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I tollerate: FlutterMac, DerpyxDoctor, SoarinDash (barely)*, RainFire, AppleDash, FlashLight

I ship: SpitfirexSoarin (Spitfire is best pony), CarrotxWritten, FancyxFleur, CloudchaserxThunderlane, PhotoxHoity, LyraScratch, OctaviaxThunderlane, CheeriMac, PinkieBlues, RariLane, ApplejackxFlim, DaringxDr.Caballeron, DaringxAhuizotl DiamondTruffle, FlutterCord (thanks demonwriter), LyraWorthy

I don't ship: Sparity, RariJack, RarityxFancy, Twixie, FlutterDash, OctaviaxVinyl, LyraBon, Twilestia

*I can read fics about SoarinDash but if they pit Spitfire against them I hate it. I don't like how SoarinDash fics usually degrade Spitfire, painting her as a bad psycho girlfriend or compare her negatively to Dash. That's what mostly bothers me about SoarinDash. There's only ONE fic that I liked that pulled this off well. You can find it in my top favorites box.

Fan Theories

Theories that I agree or disagree with and a few of my personal headcanons


- Featherweight is Snowflakes son and/or relative (maybe cousin, that's cute)
- Fluttershy's father was a Wonderbolt Guess not lol
- Fleur and Fancy are married
- Sweetie Belle (and to some extent Rarity) is [was] abused by their parents (most likely verbal). (coming back to this in 2021 I'm not sure why I thought this but there must have been a reason so I'm digging through my notes)

- Lyra and BonBon are a couple FUCK YOU TOO EPISODE 100!
- Scootaloo is an orphan/is homeless Well at least this was cleared up
- Dinky is Derpy's daughter along with Sparkler/Sparkler is Dinky's teacher
- Starswirl the Bearded is Discord (I don't support this theory, yet I have a headcanon on it. It would be like me writing Scootaloo as an orphan, it's a popular theory that I don't believe yet have my own interpretation on it *shrug*)
- When Starswirl first cast his last spell he ruined someponies lives. (Um, how would that even work? He didn't have friends so his spell wouldn't have any targets and I doubt the spell would just target random ponies and elements of harmony weren't even discovered in his time so... yeah.)

- Fancy Pants is the pony equivalent of Rockefeller.
- Lightning Dust wasn't kicked out of the academy, she was just taken off the field and to Spitfire's office so she could have a stern talking to.These new episodes I swear.
- Snips and Snails = Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
- Twist's mom is a dance instructor (A.K. Rodgers said her name was Shimmy Shake)
- Cadence is the crystal princess not because of time travel stuff, the reason that pony said that was because she just rescued them and was wielding the heart so this was showing us that the crystal ponies are willing to accept Cadence as their leader.
- This: http://www.reddit.com/r/mylittleconspiracy/comments/18q793/clover_the_clever_is_celestia/

Still cuter than Fleetfoot :rainbowwild:


Hey there, I'm Leapingriver, I love creating and writing origin stories. The only drawback is that I have to think of ways ponies earned their cutie marks.

Other Fanfics I'm working on with other people:

I'm editing Epidemic by UnknownSubject (I wasn't able to edit his most recent chapter due to conflicting schedules)

I'm co-writing and editing It's Finally Over by brony4life99 (I've written most of Sparkler and Dinky's interactions)

I just started to edit:

The Chaotic Misadventures of Discord by DemonWriterX (I've edited recent chapters 3 & 4 and anything that comes after. I'm also in the process of editing her first 2 chapters.)

The Diamond Exchange by the ever amazing angelbunny (I'll be editing & pre-reading his 3rd chapter when it's done. His first 2 chapters though are flawless, so I'm more or less going to be his prereader.)

I'm editing:
Daring Do and the Search for the Winter Pearl by the ever humorous DemonWriterX

Avatar done by my amazingly talented friend Mondai.
(Links in journal)
Link for picture above: http://freefraq.deviantart.com/art/Misty-Wonderbolt-376308170

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You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪


Awe I appreciate it, that's real sweet of you :rainbowkiss:

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