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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky



Warning: The following story contains M/M shipping. If you don't like it, you know where the exit button is.

Also the picture is a real painting that I did several months ago.

On the way home from a stressful day for dinner on a rainy night, Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis were riding in a cab when suddenly as they were passing the poorer part of Canterlot, someone threw a painting out of frustration into a garbage can below. Curious, the unicorn got out of the cab and pulled it out of the rain to find an painting done with impressive skill. As time goes by, his curiosity about the artist who paint it lead him to a stallion down on both himself and his luck by the name of Acrylic Brush.

A huge thank you to Isk for helping me proofread this story. And to Milo Chalks for finishing the last remaining chapters.

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The following story is unedited

But why?

7177964 Because I'm too impatient and my editor has been out for a month. Besides, at least I have the common courtesy of telling you what's wrong with it upfront.


Because I'm too impatient

Oh, I'm sure potential readers will love that line, impatient authors are very popular on this site you know. :duck:

That painting is really good. You should sell it!

7178020 Oh that? It's actually was a Christmas gift to my older sister. (Although the painting that was described in the story is still in my room collecting dust.)

Very good so far, I'm looking forward to more when it resumes.

Also, you are a very good artist, if that picture is anything to go by. I personally consider an artist myself, but I couldn't do anything like that! :pinkiesmile:

7178070 I'm working on another story you see so I've decided to posted this to get some of those ideas I have out of my head for the time being.

Besides, believe it or not, I've never been to an art class (at least as far as I can remember), besides, I only watched a couple YouTube videos on painting and I barely had any idea what I was doing.

7178081 hey, I've never been to an art class either, and I don't know what I'm doing. small world.

Hate to be nitpicky, but every time I read Privet, it should be spelled Private.

7194129 Thank you, I'll fix that immediately.

So Fancy Pants is bicurious and Acrylic Brush is gay...hmm...?:moustache: (stroking mustache)

7199708 Thought I mix things up a bit... (no pun intended.)

7199738 Just saying, if, for whatever the reason, I were the author, I might just make things a little saucy. :twilightsheepish:

7199749 Now now, we can't rush these things. After all, although I myself don't ever touch writing clopfics (for the simple reason that it's not that I don't want to, but rather I don't think I can pull it off), the sauciness must happen naturally in a story like this.:raritywink:

7199760 I know, you're the author. I'm only teasing. I barely even write anything (unless a standardized test calls for it)

This story is very great overall. I like it so far! Keep up the good work.


Ordinarily, I'm not one for M/M shippings, but this one seems to have caught my interest.

We all get jealous sometimes... When we like that special someone, even more so. If only Acrylic could see that he is indeed an amazing...err...pony. He somehow reminds me of Donna from Doctor Who. Like Donna, Arcylic puts himself down saying he's not special and always want to be more of a person. I can understand how he feels sometimes.

Good job InkWell,


I wonder if Celestia would want to know about what was happening, especially if it involved an attempted suicide. You know... just to talk about it? Or someone else... it's up to you Ink Well.


This chapter is really uplifting. If only I could experience what Acrylic is going through every time I publish my music.

The story is amazing, but I can't click the like button again.

So Riddle me this Mr. Ink Well, how did Hoity and his new coltfriend agreed into dating? was there a chapter I missed or is it just a coincidence? I honestly will never know

7253219 Have you ever heard or known anyone that is more interested in the sex then they do with actual dating where it's usually a one time thing? In real world terms considering Hoity, let's just say that the Grinder app exists for a reason.

Besides, I did leave a bit of a hint at the very start:

Sighing, I told her, “I know, I know. You’re just repeating the reasons why father wants me to marry in the upcoming years ahead. But the trouble of that is, with whom in particular? For one, it has to be with someone who can handle having such a stable relationship with; Celestia knows that Hoity doesn’t quite fit the bill.”

Fleur laughed again, “Tell me about it, I swear that he goes through coltfriends as quickly as one does with newspapers.”

I love the story, reminds me of right now in my life. Im pansexual and im not sure how to go about coming out to my parents. There Christian and I believe in science.

just finished editing chaptors 1-20. longest two days ever... I have no life....

7333294 Again, thank you so much for proofreading this thing. I promise that from now on, whenever I have a new chapter written up, you'll be the first to see it before it's posted on this site.

no problem, i like your writing so if you ever need anything else done ill try to help.

7371666 There are a wide range of dishes over there other then noodles. I just put that in because it was the easiest to write about.

7383592 We're working on it, inkwells editor (me) has a broken arm at the moment so its kinda slow. Please be patient, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

I really like the story so far. It really has picked up its pace. Good work. :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

7503517 Again, I am so sorry for the wait. The editor I had was going through some tough times to the point where she asked me to wait a while in hopes to sort things out. I've put this story off for a while because she said that she was commuted to edit this thing. However, just a few days ago, I got word that she won't be doing anymore editing.

But since I do feel that I've come so far and the ending is so near, I want to focus on finishing this story so I can move on with all the other stories that needs to be finished as well.

Damn, that's probably the best proposal I've ever read on here.

I binge-read the entire story in one day, before the last chapter, and I absolutely loved it. So you can imagine how excited I was to finish the whole thing now. It's a beautiful love story; both heartwarming and heartbreaking, it had me glued to my phone for over an hour. The vivid descriptions of Acrylic's paintings stood out to me, mainly because I could easily picture each one in my mind (and because I'm a huge fan of Impressionist art).

The whole fic was absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with!

Well, I made it through the whole thing in a few days. And speaking as the guy who's gone through a lot of M/M stories (kind of have to, when you run the Coltcuddlers group :rainbowlaugh: ) I think it's very underrated. The spelling, grammar, format etc still need some work and polishing up (and the author knows, since he admits which chapters are unedited and which aren't), but it's really the story itself, and the emotional drive behind it, that makes it good. Like a number of stories, (including some of the author's other underrated M/M works like My Dearest Dusk) the style may be kind of rough and unpolished, but the heart of it, the capturing and inspiring of emotions through the interactions of our characters, is simply sublime. All in all, The Last Impressionist merits an 8/10, I think. Keep writing, CrackedInkwell!

With regards,

Brasta Septim

I confess that one of those said fears happen to involve heights without any railing or anything to prevent me from falling.

I do too, Fancy, I do too. :raritydespair: You get me so much! *Sniffs* Legit truth.


Hmm........Okay I don't speak this language.....Let me keep on reading....
*After reading on* oh! So that's what that meant!
Me:*shows friend* Hey, Kathy! Look!
Kathy: Oh, let me try to read this. Smiley face, curve, L, curve, hyphen, square, hyphen, A, 2, F, tree, 4, ....
Me:...That kinda looks like Santa on a sled...
Kathy: .....measuring cup, don't know, measuring cup, flag sign thing, 4, J, J, less than sign, K, messed up 5, J, I.
Me:...You slaughtered this language, Kathy.
Kathy: Hey, I was only trying to read this ancient language!
Me::ajbemused: o.....kay......
Me:*continues reading* Hey, Kathy. Look.
Kathy: Oh! Let me try to slaughter this ancient language more!
Me: No! I showed it to you so you can see, not for you to slaughter it again!

Aside from that somewhat exact conversation, this story is really good so far! Why haven't I found you and followed you earlier? This story deserves a fravorite and you get a follow from me! :twilightsmile:

Okay, what's going on? I haven't had a single comment for the last several chapters. So, I've gotta ask, am I loosing my touch here? Have I lost all of your interests? What's going on?

First off no. I don't know about all of you but I certainly am intrigued in this wonderful story full of awesome wonderfulness that I want to read it twice after I have finished. ....Did I mention that this story was awesomely wonderful?
And secondly just a small question
How the hell do you know Japanese? I mean are you from Japanese heritage and has kept the language alive in your blood, did you just took course in college, or did you just use Google translator? But if you're like I don't know 15 then it is most likely the first one and the last one. But most likely the last one....maybe.....

What I mean by "you are from Japanese heritage and kept it alive in your blood," is that after a few generations of real Japanese, or any culture outside of the US for that matter, the language usually starts to fade away in the family. If you knew Japanese on your own through parents then good for you. I'm Vietnamese and I love my language and all but how the hell do you read that? And how the hell do I know all of that? Well, let's just say I have a few friends/people I know whose parents/grandparents before them have adapted to English and spoken the language that they lost touch with it. The children not the parents have lost touch with their ancestors' language. But I didn't answer my own (or yours maybe) question about why I know all this stuff. Let's just say I have a lot of spare time and have a logical mind (and dirty and flirty one XD). In other words I am an observer and I have gears in my mind if my logical part in my creative mind would allow them to turn. Did I mention I have a creative mind?

Anyway that's all! It was just my curiosity that allowed me to ask that question. Also one more small thing: I wonder if Cleocatra was a ruler of pony Egypt and was a cat....hmmm.......

7850674 Short answer: no.

Long answer: Believe it or not, English is my only language. Those Japanese parts were from Google translate that I had to rephrase them several times just so it can be read both ways. I confess that I did the exact same thing with my Beethoven story in which I needed some phrases (even half of a chapter) be written in German.

But apart from that, I'm glad you're enjoying this story so far. Though I do agree with Brasta Septim that this is underrated.

I actually am quite surprised that such a wonderful (I did mention that it was wonderful right?) story to be so....unnoticed....
I guess most of the population of the fandom likes straight ships am I right? :applejackunsure:

The story is just so good and the plot is always thickening that I just can't stop to comment, I have read these in the past two nights and it is drawing to a close and I can't decide for the life of me to make it last longer or find out what happens next. That is how much I love your work.

that was the best proposal every!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

I have no word. The entire thing was a master piece in only 35 chapters, all be it long but still. The only other time I have read a fic this good there were 50 something chapters, maybe a little less like 40 something, but still. this was freaking good. Like, my friend told me to shut up because I was raving about this so much for the pas few days. Keep writing and making amaing stories like these please!!!:twilightsmile:

Turner? As in Time Turner? Or better yet Dr Whooves? If so.... HE CHEATED, HE USED HIS TIME LORD TECH! XD

He's still got an art career, a job and somewhere to live, why's he gotta do this?!!!!!

Acrylic is still annoying me at the moment though. I'll like him more eventually. Just you wait.

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