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This story is a sequel to Mr. Disc

Once upon a time a retired art teacher, whose name is Mr. Disc, accidentally stumbled into a land of talking ponies called Equestria. He found out quickly that he was in a world where it was close to his own, where his boss was a Princess, some of his students were ponies and even met himself as a spirit of chaos... After a while, he returns home to find that he was able to keep his powers where he lived happily ever after.

Well... not quite yet.

A huge thank you to SecretBrony01 for proofreading this story.

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This, this is gonna be goooooood. Isn't that right Pinkie?

:pinkiehappy: "Yepperoonie!"

Thank you Pinkie.

I think you should make this an official sequel thing, I think there's a button for it somewhere. I'm not an author, so I wouldn't know, I just heard that somewhere.

Past that YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!

5384093 It's not a button. When you right a story, under Basic Information, there's a field called Prequel Story. You enter the URL of the prequel, and it automatically sets your story as a sequel. I think you can just stick the story number in it too. In this case, 222907.

5384433 Oh so that's how it's done and why it didn't work the last time! Thanks for that.

5384448 When I browsed the site, my page zoom was really low, so when I got past this story, I had to make a double take, because I first misread the title as "The Curiosity of Mr. Dick"

You have no idea how hard it is to remove coffee stains from your computer screen.

5385558 Abracadabra and Kalamazoo,
the mistake has been fixed,
now would you please let me though?


now would you please let me though?

No. That's not a valid sentence. ;P

5385730 I'm sorry, but I can't tell if I should laugh at that or be offended, sorry it's just I have a lot on my mind this morning.


Ahh, sorry. It was intended as a joke.

Thus far its good, I kinda hope to see more unexpected highjinks!

5385741 *author being adorably flustered and rushed*

AAAAAWWWW, here, have an upvote. I read the first one and liked it, so I'm certain I'll like this one when I read it.

“Okay, that’s just really weird.” Sunset commented, “When I and Twilight got here from Equestria, neither of us had magic, we needed others to do that. But with you, however, you went there and find out that you had ‘superpowers’ and then came back here and you still have them?”

Well, what fun is there in making sense? Master of Chaos, Sunny. He doesn't have to follow the rules.

This story is a sequel to Mr. Disc


Hooray! Looking forward to this! :yay:

“I think you maybe the very first person to ever do something like that.”

Should be "may be".

Hold on, you mean none of you have ever step though to see what’s on the other side?

Should be "stepped through".

“Something about if any of us been to Equestria,”

Should be "have been".

“I have a part-time job here at the restraint,”

Should be "restaraunt", unless you're suggesting that the reason for that job is to keep Pinkie from getting too crazy.

“I tailor clothing for a boutique, in which I’m very good at I’ll have you know,” Rarity commented.

That doesn't work. Maybe "I tailor clothing for a boutique, which I’m very good at, I’ll have you know."

“So have any of you ever planed of going there?” I asked.

"Planned on". A good spell-checker should find this stuff. What are you using?

5394951 Microsoft Word 2010, it's not much but it's better then nothing. (Better then Word Perfect, at least this thing has a grammar check).

5394991 I suggest trying Google Chrome. It notices when you leave off the last e in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe. You might get the same spell check with Google Drive. I'm not sure how that works.

5395137 I will only say this once and then give it up. This very story has, indeed been uploaded on Google Chrome, even this very comment is being spelled checked too. But just because you may have a good spell checker or a grammar checker, doesn't mean that it will get it right one hundred present of the time.

I mean, it can spill the wright word but get the won meaning. And that sentence was used on Google Chrome with the thing automatically spell checking it. While these checks are helpful, I cannot even so much as promise that I will get the right words all the time, even with the most updated technology.

I'm very sorry for the technical inconvenience, but I'm trying to do what I can with what I have. I know it may sound like an excuse, but I tell you it's the truth with nothing to sugarcoat it.

Writers block already? Lets see... I tend to run more on the side of comedy than anything else. How about having them cross into Equestria... while at the same their pony counterparts cross into Canterlot High. Lots of mistaken identity shenanigans abound.

5395472 Hmm... With a suggestion like that, I could do something like that but not exactly. Let's wait til tomorrow to see where I take this. But anyways, thank you so much.

Have the Human Six and Mane Six meet with the two Disc(ord) watching in the background sipping tea and having a conversation about how much fun this is to watch.

Also have Human Twilight Sparkle find out about the portal.

I think that now you have the perfect setting for some trouble to happen. At this point, I can see :
+: The dazzling learned about the portal and go to Equestria and only the human (now pony) know that and can stop them.
2: The Tireck or Chrysalis (or even the Sombra) of the huan world fall into the portail like Discord did and it become a struggle to reform/stop him/her7them.
3: The classic 2 their is two of all of you so everypony show everyone his/her life, home ...
4: Celestia and Luna, tired to have to deal with magic and co decide to go with Discord and the girls to put a end to these problems. But to sudely have the power of a god isn't so easy to get use to.

Any way, good luck!

5395444 That's not how I see it. You have a technical problem. I gave you advice. My advice was bad. This was my fault. I apologise.

I am curious as to what caused this though. I got green underlines from quoting the errors in the story. My build has a better spell check then your build. That kind of looks like I'm bragging, but that's not the point at all. I just wonder what's causing this difference. If anyone else has an idea, I'd like a response.

Comparison: "It can spill the wright word but get the won meaning." I have a green underline on "wright", but the rest got through.

Yay new chapter! Can't wait for more--

At this point in time, I've just ran into writer's block

Fuuuuuuu :raritydespair:

if anyone would give any suggestions on where to go with this story, please let me know.

I can toss in an idea or two! I'd really like to see the AppleJacks meet! A pony doing farmwork does sound like a funny thing for her to see.
Also Rarity melting down and realizing everyone is mostly nude, besides some dresses her horsehalf makes.
Really not to sure what to do with Sunset given this story. Though suffice it to say if you keep Celestia out of their visit, it'd probably save you having to write on those two interacting if you don't need them to.
Besides that, just generally imagining the human reactions to Equestria. As well as them seeing that Mr. Disc isn't a pony like them (or like they will be rather), but rather an amalgamation of who-knows-what.

Anywho, good luck with the writers block! Terribly sorry to hear about it! Also happy holidays! :pinkiesmile:


Queen Chrysalis was a stupid bitch. I mean her species feeds on love. Why does she attempt to conquer which leads to poisonous hate for her to eat? That is... Wierd. How the hell does that make sense?

5398582 Some theorize that she feeds on love of family and such, so the pony doesn't have to be feeling love or love the changeling so long as they have love for something.

How did the changeling get through the mirror? It wasn't hooked up to that thing Twilight made, was it? Is this 90 moons after Equestria Girls?

Well, she's a Changeling. Her logic might be rather alien in thought and bare little resemblance to our own, let alone the ponies of Equestria.

Uh isn't this supposed to be about Mr. Dic. I mean if its just a side story of the misadventures of a changeling in human world then go ahead but keep the story on the schizophrenic art teacher with the power to manipulate reality ok.

If you really wanted to do something with this changeling make it a difrent story so its not like Two books trying to exchange pages.

5398922 You haven't read the prequel to this did you? Don't worry, this isn't a separate story, I do have a way to weave this together like I did with the last story where I told a chapter from the points of view of Applejack, Applebloom and Celestia.

5398932 I read your prequal and ya I know about your tendency to tell in difrent perspectives (I actualy quite like it) but this chapter just seemed like the opaning of a whole nother story.

I love the idea of a changeling in the human world (though I didn't think they would still have cheese hooves, hands...whatever) If you deside to this could be a real nice spin off story. Just puting my opinions out there.

5398642 Interesting theory! Proof though? So far the only example we have is Queen Chrysalis on Shining Armor's love for Cadence.

5399010 Not my theory. I've just seen it. It's a decent justification for Chryssy's creating a hostile environment to eat love, that's all.

5399024 You'll have to tell me about it. I never actually watched anything or learned anything. So sue me! My family is poor! Don't judge me! Haha! Just joking. About the judge part. I am actually poor.

But tell me more about the comic book theory.

5399019 So which is more sustaining?

Familial love
Friend love
Brother love
Sister love
Parent love
Matrimonial love


5399092 It's been a while since I've taken a look at comics #1, comic #2, comic #3, and comic #4. I bring this up because there's still a debate on if these comics, (who the writers and artists have actually talked with the writers with the show) are considered canon or not. I like to think they are, but not every brony agrees though. It's just something I'm wondering if there's something in these comics that might hold something or not. Just thought I might bring it up.

5399119 Hmm...

Problem with spinoffs, it's so hard to tell what's canon and what's not.

5399094 I have no idea. Again, not my theory, just an interesting justification I've seen elsewhere.

5399024 I don't have access to them, sorry. What do they say?

5399248 I think it might be best if I show them to you to come to your own conclusion. Comics #1, comic #2, comic #3, and comic #4.

Like I've said, I thought I might bring them up just in case if they have something that might be overlooked.

I demanded what is he, “A changeling sir. I’m a changeling.”

There's the main flaw in this chapter and the only one that really leaps out and dances in front of you like an elephant in a tutu.

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