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Crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Celestia/Discord.

Q, having just finished 'playing' with his favourite Starfleet captain, gets called back to the Continuum. There are not many things in the Universe that can threaten the Q species, but it seems they have discovered one such being that could even rival them in terms of sheer power.

Q has been asked to give this creature an offer it simply cannot refuse. And if it does? Well, he has more than one means of forcing the will of his own kind.

After all, it's not every day that someone gets the absolute privilege of being asked to join the Q Continuum.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 16 )

Never seen Star Trek, but this has honestly made me want to. (I've actually never found somewhere I can watch it.)

Waiting for more. Keep it up!

Q and Discord. I faving this!

This should be interesting. Will Picard and his crew get to play a part in this story?

Oh my! This will be fun!

Question, is Discord (possibly) a child in all of your stories, or just the one? Also, is by The Thickness of Water ever coming back?

Alrighty, you have my attention. *kazoo* Let's do this.

6148144 Oh no... I wanted to have a life... maybe children... actually screw children... screw a life... I'm getting some snacks and watching Star Trek!


Not a big part, but they will definitely be making an appearance later in the story.



Just the one. None of my stories are linked, unless they're sequels or prequels.

It is! Just need to rewrite the first chapter, as it's a little on the sloppy side.

the concept of Q meeting Discord ALONE is worth tracking

Let's see where this goes...

And by the way: http://fav.me/d7a7pw6

When does this take place in the mlp timeline?


Any time after the season 4 finale.

So it can be either before or after the gala?


Sure. I only really base my timelines on seasons, rather than episodes, unless I'm writing a plot directly affected by a certain episode. So I set this after season 4, so I have alicorn Twilight with her castle, and properly-reformed Discord, which is what I want for this particular story.

Characterisations of everyone in all season 5 episodes will be taken into account when I'm writing, but there isn't an exact episode where canon shifts into the events of this story.

Oh boy Ponies and Star Trek?! :heart: This should be continued soon I surely don't want to start reading this with only the Prologue done. I'll be watching though :yay:

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