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This story is a sequel to Mutual Interests

After finally coming to accept others into her life, Sunset's outlook takes a turn for the better. It's not perfect, though. Now she has a whole new set of problems: Others still walk on eggshells when she's around, the teachers still eye her with caution every chance they get, and she still has to get used to the intricate nuances of friendship. But with her friends by her side, and even the occasional help from unlikely sources, can Sunset help her fellow students see the new her? Or will the consequences of her past consume her future?

And who is this new teacher and why does he seem so interested in her?

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Well... This looks and sounds adorable.

Hmmm too much video games and anime. Wait is Persona a game or anime?

5674058 Game, it was later adapted into an anime.

Must resist, must avoid looking, can't give in.

Alright Coco.


Cool so far! :pinkiehappy:

“I guess your pony self’s coat helped with the cold.”
Sunset’s gaze hardened into an annoyed look. “Immensely…”

But, in the Hearth's Warming Eve story, the Pegasi were huungry, the Earth Ponies were cold, and the Unicorns were hungry and cold. :unsuresweetie: Does Sunset have an extra thick coat or something? The way she talks makes it seem like she was rarely cold as a pony.

5674198 Well it was stated that the cold they experienced then was a special (and magical) extra chilly cold that lasted for a long time. Normal winters are no problem.

And the pegasi were already camped out in the upper atmosphere, so the colder temperatures probably didn't make much of a difference to them.

5674390 I know that! :pinkiehappy: I think Pegasi naturally adapted to the cold, since they're always up in the clouds. :derpytongue2:



5675130 psst... your caps lock is showing bro.


The game is much better than the anime. If you have 60 hours to play the game do it. Persona 4 Golden is amazing.

5675681 What about Arena since it is the sequel to Golden?

As soon as I saw Rainbow say 'Persona", I just burst into uncontrollable laughter. I'm still laughing now as I type! xD
You do have a point though. Persona is just perfect for this kind of thing. *feels urges to make artwork about it*

You misspelled "Prologue" in the chapter title.

When did Coco find out about Sunset being a pony?

5676096 :twilightblush: It was a joke Prologua 4: Golden = Persona 4: Golden

When did Coco find out about Sunset being a pony?

:rainbowderp: It was the very last scene in the first story.

5676026 Doooooo ittttttt! Do it! Do it now!

I would totally read a full Persona Pony fic. Unfortunately, all the ones I've found up to this point have laid incomplete and untouched for some time. I was gonna do one myself, but I have no confidence in myself anymore.

Anyway, absolutely EPIC start to the story.

“How did you come to be?!” Coco asked, interrupting once more.”

Who said that!?

5676566 MythrilMoth has the cure for what ails you, brother! Go read his Persona: EG right now.

5677645 Which would be awesome if it weren't canceled :facehoof:

5676566 Don't trust that link, Use this one to the real story.

Loved the first installment, can't wait to read up on this one.

As a guesstimate, about how often do you see this being updated?

5678959 :trixieshiftright:Well with six stories I have to update.... hmmm idk give me till Monday

5679004 lol, kk. I was just curious is all. :twilightblush:

I read through Mutual Interests over the last couple days and was really sucked in to keep reading. Can tell this one is going to be awesome as well, and I'm excited to be reading this as it being updated. :twilightsmile:

I'm playing the Persona 4 soundtrack whenever I read this now. XD

Oh! X-mas!

Discord? WHAT?! When? Where? Why? Who? How?

I am amused at this. This new sequel is off to a good start! ^_^

God I love Persona, great crossover chapter! :pinkiehappy:

5695092 Chapter's been done. Just waiting for it to be edited :scootangel:

Stop... Just stop, Button Mash. You're making it worse for yourself.

Well she basically likes four things from what I’ve seen so far; Daring Do, video games, and being a fast athlete.

I have bad news, Sunset...
And Coco Pommel is so oblivious to Gibson... :c

So... many... references...


Well she basically likes four things from what I’ve seen so far; Daring Do, video games, and being a fast athlete.

I only count three.

Oh that was to funny.
I feel like today is going to be a veeeeeerrrrry long day for Sunset.

“Well she basically likes four things from what I’ve seen so far; Daring Do, video games, and being a fast athlete.
"Well she basically likes three things from what I’ve seen so far; Daring Do, video games, and being a fast athlete.

The boy hopped up and thrust her finger toward her.
The boy hopped up and thrust his finger toward her.


5698549 THIS GUY GET'S IT!

5698527 Gotcha! Fixed. Thanks.

Awesome. I don't know what I love more, Gibson macking on Sunset, Coco interested in Gibson, or Button Mash pulling the Crusaders into his delusions.

One thing I will say though, with the Christmas theme and the Crusaders going after Sunset: Please, please don't copy the holiday comic special, where everyone turns upon Sunset Shimmer and she is tossed into the street, that thing is way to dark and depressing.

Gibson rolled her eyes.

Sunset's or Coco's? And how did he do chat? Did he, like, literally grab their eyes and roll them with his hands? :rainbowhuh:

Props to Justice4243 on inspiring Gibson's personality.

Huh, I didn't know Justice4243 is a perv.

Ah, okay. I was a bit confused when I read Gibson's name. I was like "is he an official character or something?" But seeing as he's inspired by Gibson from The Wheel and the Butterfly, now it makes sense.

one time when I was a little girl, I got lost. And when a nice policeman tried to bring me to the place where lost kids go I got scared and threw him down an escalator.

:rainbowderp: ...............................well then, at least we know why her persona is a luchador.

Don't worry, Coco, Sunset is actually still single.

Hey, if Spirit Shift ships them that's like being canon.

5699330 Yeah you wouldn't know it at first glance but he's a petty big perv.
5699476 Yup. But that's just his personality. The character himself was created by Jananimations for the second Button Mash episode.

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